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    Nobody? You'll be surprised how potent garlic is torwards alot of bacteria that causes acne. think about how many germs are in this world and how little we probably wash our hands out of the day before grabbing food and eating it, basically eating contaminated food all the time with no backup. you're going to turn toxic.
  2. imsotired


    Hello everyone, recently i've been eating organic, already peeled garlic gloves in the morning, afternoon and before bed. Other than that... Water water water, no soda. A quick way to get your vitamins is to combine coconut water (pure) with mixed greens ... you can buy these in square boxes at most supermarkets. And bananas, because they are cheap and filled with potassium and will bring out flavor in your shakes. There is one that contains A C K vitamins, which will give you energy, make you f
  3. .. I'd like to start this thread off by asking: - Do you think Malnutrition & Under-nutrition are just myths?! This is my story. - Going up, my dad never ate ANY vegetables, none. His diet consisted of: Pop, Chips, Processed foods,, Cheese, Milk, Bread. Noodles, ect. NEVER drinks water. Pop (Pepsi) always. mountain dew recently. - My dad is mid 50's, and recently started developing skin cancer, which cured. It was eating a hole near his temple (Yes, near the eye) - After 6 months of
  4. I was overusing the soap "Hibiclens" which kills Staph/MRSA bacteria as what I suspected it was. I moved states, totally forgot about this.
  5. Allergic reaction? I don't encounter latex. By the way, It's cleared up alot since June when I started exercising and being outside sweating. Also exfoliating is helping, I'll admit I never exfoliated in my life.. I'd like to note the last year I haven't touched an oz. of soda. don't do drugs. I know some of those are cysts, which I will have to get removed some day. Only thing i've drank since Sep. last year is purified water. Yet i'll have maybe 5-6 cups of coffee a month. Removed about 95% of
  6. The quote system is really a fail. It's difficult to see what's really being quoted and what isnt. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
  7. Never had unprotected sex, in any way shape or form.
  8. I hope bumping is allowed. ^^ Nobody has any idea??
  9. Okay just avoiding dairy may not help, you'll need real nutrition from food. Carrots are excellent for Vitamin A, Greens for Vitamin K, Strawberrys and Oranges for Vitamin C, Get your Vitamin D from Fish oil or naturally (the sun). Try cutting out all sugars, I know you said you've been drinking lots of water, make sure it's purified. Some healthy choices for breakfast would be Cereal (Whole Grains) no colored cereals, maybe frosted mini-wheats or honey nut cheerios. Deepfried/Fastfood as you sa
  10. Recently I've been trying to eat healthier. Organic carrots and bananas is what I've found so far, chicken breast, grilled. I've been drinking nothing but water for 5 months, haven't touched a soda at all, not even a sip. A Cup of coffee maybe once a week, no sugar. You might wanna try adding some veggies to your meals, drink tons of purified water, maybe pick up some Zinc suppliments. I'd say Fish Oil too but you seem to be eating fish but I don't know how often to get it so...
  11. I could take some if I have to, Got 2 cysts on the right around my upper chest, 1 on the left....and 1 near my belly button that's been there 2 years...I had one in the middle of my stomach but one night I was drunk I cleaned the area with hibiclense and peirced it, drained it. Took around 9 days to go back to the normal skin color, so I just left the rest alone...I know some of this is going to require "surgery" because these things dont just go away if theyve been there for 2 years plus....