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  1. As for the sea salt.....try this...you can use any sea salt.......fill a spray bottle a third of the way with sea salt, the rest with hot water.....let it dissolve a bit.....and spray it on affected areas everytime you shower....massage it in.....let it sit for a couple minutes.....then rinse.
  2. Yes, put it in while it is running.....as long as the water is hot it does not really matter, but I am sure it helps the dissolving process. -RBS
  3. I have been using the Nizoral daily for over a week, leaving it on for 5 minutes. I will cut back and leave it on for a bit longer. Great article.......why this has not been discovered by someone else is beyond me, but I bet many on this site suffer from some version of this.
  4. As far as the 30 ounces go......I calculated it by how the water tasted.....I was trying to duplicate the salinity of ocean water.....I am sure you could go with less...... For the first couple weeks I took salt baths twice a day, then daily for a couple weeks, and now I am taking them once a day about every other day The Nizoral I have has 2% Ketoconazole Canada sells it over the counter in 2% strength......in the US it is 1%.
  5. Charles- I posted early on....it was a process for me, not an event.... When I started I was in the midst of a very bad breakout and during the first week I noticed some areas were improving, while others were just starting to come to the surface....it was during the second week I felt that I really had begun to see an overall improvement. I did not post until week eight as I have experienced similiar improvements, only to have them reverse after a week or two. I think we all can tell when w
  6. Noteworthy- Since we typically buy very small amounts from retail stores...at about 10 cents an ounce.....it only makes sense that a distributor would sell it cheaper....and a manufacturer would sell it even cheaper.....give it a shot and let us know. SebastianC- Good to hear about your results......I am astonished by the results of the Nizoral.....it is still very early, but I have never been so encouraged by the results of anything I have tested. **I am currently using Nizoral daily and one
  7. I have tried epson salts.....suppressed the breakouts a bit, but sea salt was much better. I do not believe table salt would do the trick. I believe that, in the long term, it is unnecessary to take daily baths........probably 2 to 3 a week would be plenty to achieve the same results. I did them twice daily in the beginning as I was in the midst of a rather wicked breakout.....and would have sat in the tub all day if I could have. I am not sure why it works, but it seems to so far.
  8. After having great success with Sea Salt baths (see other thread).......I noticed the following: Observation: Remaining occasional blemishes were focused on borders of hair......on face, back of neck, underarm, and inner thigh.....first thing came to mind is longtime assumption that I had some sort of folliculitis. Next Step: Researched the subject.....and found a medical paper on eMedicine.com (http://www.emedicine.com/DERM/topic338.htm) that said "Pityrosforum Folliculitis" is regularly misd
  9. To clarify my results: Moderate/Severe......80% visual improvement and 90% improvement in texture. Yes, many blemishes I have had are completely gone..... active ones, red marks, hard scars, and slightly depressed ones. I am not completely clear....I still have redmarks and a handful of recently healed blemishes. Overall it is an amazing improvement.
  10. Greetings. Response to questions: - I pay $1.50 for 14 ounces of Cereulean Brand Sea Salt at a local "A&P" Supermarket.....your average supermarket in Northeast United States.....I just stumbled on an online dealer called US Saltworks (I think)....check it out. -Exfoliation........I was using a long handled synthetic brush bought in the bath section of the same "A&P" supermarket and would sit up at random intervals, while soaking, and give my body a quick gentle scrubbin'. *I have st
  11. SebastianC- I have yet to stop since I began. With reduced use of sea salt, widespread breakouts have not comeback. I have had a few small individual blemishes from time to time, but nothing more (and they heal very quickly).
  12. I have adjusted my regimen slightly....... I still soak for 30 minutes in bath tub at night.....not anymore in the morning In the morning I put one cup of sea salt in a pot of boiling water and steam my face for 10 minutes. I see improved results on my face.......seems to penetrate much better.....I could never really soak my face in the tub (without drowning) and this seems to be a good work around. For the first time in ten years there are increasing stretches of time that I forget that I
  13. Technically, I do not think you have to stay in until your skin prunes.....I stay in until until the egg timer goes off at 30 mins (remember, I was a picker....no self control). I think 20 - 30 mins is a good effective range for moderate to severe cases. I tried for 10 minutes at a time at first, but saw faster results with a bit longer time period......once your skin prunes I don't think there is much point to staying in any longer.
  14. Of note.....I am in the ninth week of this regimen.....and at week eight started doing only one soak per day......usually at night......with same results.
  15. have you tried apple cider vinegar or other types of vinegar? What about phototherapy? Also, isn't it expensive to buy so much sea salt? **************************************************** I have tried Apple Cider Vinegar........it did reduce breakouts a bit, but was not enough of a change. My skin still looked and felt terrible. Phototherapy.....never tried it.....very expensive....and so much of my body was affected that it did not seem to be an option that would allow me to consistentl