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  1. That's an awesome improvement... I know there's still swelling involved, but I hear that fat really can do wonders for these scars (because often it's fat that we've lost, not just collagen).
  2. Who performed it on you? Are you of Northwestern European descent?
  3. Actually, I don't wash at all, and shower but once every two days. Hot water on my facial skin inevitably inflames me, and breaks me out. I apply gobs of tazorac every night, and use a prescription hyaluronic moisturizer in the morning, first thing, before I've even pulled back my blankets. No acne, and my skin looks (for once in my adult life) calm.
  4. Yes, I have been over-applying tazoarac gel for maybe... I guess 2 years now. I took a break to go back on accutane to kill my acne completely, and it seems to have done the job. I do not think tazorac removes scars permanently, but it does achieve a temporary effect that is incredible. In the morning, I apply lots of Bionect cream (cream nominally-- it's really a very light lotion). This is an Rx drug w/ the active ingredient being sodium hyaluronate salt (some active form of hyaluronic acid,
  5. Dude, you rock for showing us your pictures. Really put your money where your mouth is. Thank you so much for the post and step-by-step images.
  6. I used to like Copper Peptide products a lot, and then they started giving me rashes. Unfortunately I don't think they live up to the hype. Topicals are an excellent auxiliary item, but, in the end it's surgical stuff that really packs a punch in improvement.
  7. DermPA is right. Have a filler placed if it really, really bothers you. NOT sili-kon.
  8. Chi-gurl, are you in Chicago?
  9. I agree... I used to be so terrified of the sun, but now I've got a more c'est la vie attitude about it. Nothing helps beautify and smooth out skin (if only for a few days) like some sun color.
  10. Rolling scars on my cheeks. They're much less noticeable, but they've never exactly been of the "Oh my GOD look at his scarring!!" severity. The shadows of my cheekbones provide some nice camouflage, too.
  11. Accutane has helped my scarring tremendously, and my skin is not dry. I load up on moisturizers (that, thanks to the accutane, never break me out) to keep my skin hydrated (notice I say hydrated, and not oily-- oil-free moisturizers are still great in my book). Now, whether or not they return to their old look when I get off the tane is beyond my reckoning at this point. But, as Lucy Mum claims, the lessened appearance of scarring due to flaking is bull. I haven't been flaking for three months.
  12. If I were you, I'd ask for a prescription of Bactrim to go along w/ it.
  13. What sorta scars did you have and what did you do to fix them? I've been aware of you for a while now (I've seen that handle image a couple of times, I know), but can't really remember: mind writing a few lines to say what you had done?