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    1. I think the most awkward thing would be when people just stare at your acne (cheek, forehead) and not your eyes when they're having a conversation with you. It makes me feel sooooo uncomfortable.
    2. Ok thanks! I'm probably going to buy this foundation Before, I used facial washes with 2% salicylic acid in them and i found that they didn't really do anything. I just hope it doesn't make my skin dry out while on the regimen!
    3. http://www.almay.com/products/face/foundation/almay-clear-complexion-makeup.aspx I have found this one by Almay but I'm not sure if it will cause irritation because it has salicylic acid in it.
    4. Hello, I have moderate acne that is usually on the middle of my forehead, the lower part of my cheeks, and on my chin. My acne consists of mainly painful papules. I was doing research on omega 3 supplements and found that they have worked for some people. I am willing to try them out but I have a few questions: How much EPA and DHA should you be getting in order to help decrease acne inflammation? How long until I start seeing results, if they actually work for me? If you take omega 3 suppl
    5. So I have been using a 5% benzoyl peroxide cleanser everyday and it has improved my bacne, however i still have some pimples on my back. Because of this all of my sheets, pillow cases, and pj shirt have been bleached. My sheets and pillowcases are a light shade of brown. Would benzoyl peroxide bleach white materials?