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  1. Hi guys. I quit CSR long ago since it made my skin look like complete crap. I was getting less pimples, but it took AGES for them to fade so there is no way im getting back to BP. Im going to start accutane in a month. The question is: for now, antibiotics (triclosan, topical) keep me almost clear. How long does it usually takes bacteria to get adjusted to it so antibiotics stop working?
  2. on one of russian acne-related boards ive spotted some guy telling that as a result of taking accutane, his "i-dont-remember-which (ephitarium or something like that...)" zones of growth were "closed" so he will not grow anymore. anyway, he said accutane was a good experience for him besides this problem. i guess it doesnt hapen to everyone, but there is a chance...
  3. ohhhhh crap goddamn it i think i might continue my log lol =) acne-wise, im clear, but redness is back with vengance, and its not good!!! holy crap, im as red as hell!! why???? i secided to skip BP application for this evening n next morning n then apply it only once per day, in the evening n see what happens ---->yake hmm... thanx for advice =)
  4. guys n girlz, ladies n gentlemen, im totally happy with the regimen. its absolutely awesome. wish it could help everyone =) my breakouts are now EXTREMELY rare and they consist of 1, max 2 pimples, so they dont worry me at all. guess its the end of my journal, but anyway, will any moder move it to CSR section? ---->>> wow, 2nd page =)
  5. hope retin-a will clear u, man =) it helped one of my friends, he had severe acne, its extremely mild now. however, it didnt help me, only made it worse... i was 2 months in it. why not try CSR?
  6. good luck on yer routine dude, however, diet didnt help me n i never noticed any connection between my acne n diet (maybe i quit too fast?), but BP cleared me up a LOT!
  7. almost 8 weeks in, things finally start to look up. no active crap for a week already! flakiness reduced, redness is almost unnoticeable. do u guys use cleansers? i wash with just water, maybe using cleanser is better? just uploaded my first pic, proudly present u myself almost totally clear n wasted. tomorrow ill post my before pics, when ill get my hdd back. so feel free to check my gallery =)
  8. this sunday i nearly died cause of 3 netmegs (not kidding) so i missed 2 applications. for now, i can walk alreadey n continuing previous routine. yeah, it takes ages for marks to fade... 1 active pimple on my leftcheek worries me, besides that bastard everything is ok.
  9. someone in the chatroom (dunno remember who exactly, thx to him/her anyway) helped me to change my mind. i will continue regimen, and i already see further improvement. guess i will order dan's gel soon, cause of this one leaves white crap. 1 active pimple for now, small n almost not noticeable, 2 redmarks are fading but my face occasionly got reeeeally red...
  10. damn it. i guess this is the end. tomorrow im going to my derm. i decided to start accutene, cause all topicals sucked for me. in bp's case, flakiness... and it doesnt clear me anyway. see ya.
  11. start of the 6th week report. got 1 active pimple like 2 days ago 2cm left of my mouth, it used to hurt but now it doesnt. otherwise i'm totally clear, redmarks almost cleared. yake, i DO moisturize, hovewer, my moisturizer doesnt contain AHA, couldnt find one. now my breakouts are very random, usually once per 4 days and only 1 pimple, but it still pisses me out. clear skin, then BAM - here we go again... got da question: should i use cleanser? cause i just shower in the morning and wash my fac