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  1. hey guys, im reading my accutane leaflet and one of the points says "you must not take accutane capsules if you have very high levels of fat (triglycerides, cholesterol) in your blood" however alot of people in this forum and derms say to take it with a high fatty meal? im confused.
  2. Can someone help class my acne for me ? right now its only mainly affecting the temples but has given me minor scarring (started after doxy) and dark pigmentation in other areas - and basically after 7 long years im tired and i want to go on acctuane (at least low dose) or maybe explore other options but itd be nice to see your guys opinion first. by the way sorry if its in the wrong side of the forum , please move if i am mistaken. thanks. (camera is not so clear)
  3. im so sorry for you OP i hope everything does get better , the only reason why i want to try accutane (albeit low dose) is cause my acne started scarring and ive felt like ive exhausted everything im worried cause ive taken about a full year of antis and when i got off my last course i couldnt eat properly in months (i felt like gagging with just the thought of food ) - i had to force food down and was losing weight. btw did some of you guys take accutane with antis? ive heard b
  4. you have to try some other prescription of regimen , i remember post doxy and my skin was HORRIBLE (clear while it was on it) , like i still have scars from that horrible breakout . thats why im going t try accutane which promises long term results.
  5. chnage derms , your paying so much and getting a close minded advice.
  6. mine says once a day , but this isnt my first time taking anti biotics and i have huge nodules on the sides of my face , i might do twice a day?
  7. what do you recommend doing? im currently taking anti biotics and that cant be good for the long term and every time i stop acne comes back - i have moderately severe acne. there are new studies on low dose accutane which produces less side effects , maybe you started too high?
  8. didnt really answer my question , i know the side effects , what i was asking was if there was any way accutane could be good for you/your body (aside from its acne clearing properties)
  9. Yeah and I would like them back. This drug will age you 10 years. You will be begging for your acne back. benzyl, antibiotics and salicylic acid should age you as well through increased photo sensitivity.
  10. sorry to any ignorance but im going to try accutane soon and was researching about it , alot of people are saying its just an overdose of vitamin a , now we all know vitamin a is really good for the body but what i want to know is even though accutane is synthetic vitamin a , can it in any way,shape of form be good for you? thanks.
  11. K i have moderate acne ( few years) and a heavy handful of redmarks. Benzoyl 5% wash has helped me reduce my (on average at any given time) 12 pimples to 4 active ones. I was wondering if i could use Epsom salt (never tried it before) with my Benzoyl wash together? would it be too irritating? ive only heard good stuff about the salt. any knowledge would be good , thanks.
  12. try chemical peels? im doing them now and it has faded them a bit ( 2nd time)