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    I can't swim :(
  1. Clauddiiaaa. get your ass on msn.

  2. claudiaaa merry christmas!! i miss you :(

  3. Hey Claudia! It's been a while! How are things?

  4. Thanks carcass . I second that... T_Y spammed in both the lounge and in vets.
  5. I don't really know what to say... but I think it would be nice if you reconciled with your friend and your therapist, they sound like people who had real meaning in your life. I don't know the circumstances or what really happened with them, but are you sure you're willing to let go of these people? They sound exactly like the kind of people you'd want in your life; someone you can talk to and who is ready and willing to listen. Why do you feel it's better to end things? All kinds of relationsh
  6. ^ Yes. She keeps popping in and out of the org chat looking for you .
  7. What's with all the accusations mask? Thanks for the lovely compliment David, you're so sweet *cough*
  8. LOL. I would visit you in VA (*coughMEXICOcough*) of course . I would take tons of pictures of myself when the sun is really high and it's incredibly bright outside. I would look in car mirrors .
  9. Having to turn down customers isn't a great way to do business as a rule. :) Anyway I don't like that sarcastic tone misses. Sort it out. And try venturing outside at some point today. It will do you good. ^ rofl :lol: !! err... :shifty: ---> :naughty:
  10. Yeah, can you imagine?! I remember when I was in the DR this woman was walking around naked at a shopping center, all the men ogling her (she had a nice body). She was clearly crazy though, she kind of went around harrassing some shopkeepers. When the police came to get her, she was kicking and screaming . Anyway... yeah, not attractive !
  11. "All I have to do?" Geez if that's what I had to do in order to get a bf... what's the world coming to??