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  1. Do NOT use baking soda on your face when you are using Retin A. It is extremely alkaline. Your skin's acid mantle is already compromised by using a retinoid, DO NOT MAKE THINGS WORSE. Neosporin is fine. So is gentle exfoliation. Please note that I said GENTLE. since im not on retin A would it be OkAy to try the baking soda thing...cuz im completly clear just red marks!! sigh but atleast im clear and the red marks will fade..i just want something to make it go quicker? and wat do u do mi
  2. how soon is 2 soon to start using glycolic acid...i just start using the regimen..been in it almost a week..i have no new acne just where they used to be? is it to soon to start using the glycolic acid? is it a wash or no? and how would i fit this into my wash then bp the moisturizer? would it dry me out even more cuz im pretty dry rite now? thx for the helping looking forward to replys!
  3. Im new at this whole thing soo i really need some help..ive only been using the regimen for not even a week yet and i have had no new break outs just red spots where they used to be and those are really starting to fade im using neutrogean everything..gentle face wash. spot treatmean (bp 2.5) and neutrogean oil free moisturizer..but wow my face is super dry and flaky...its looks sooooo bad when i but make up on...its like at the beg. of the day it does not look bad..but by the end of the day..i
  4. i have pretty mild acne..and i havent even been using the regimen for a week and my face is already clearing up soooo much..its crazy..i have no new break outs..the places i do have are fading..i just started tanning..and it seems to be helping my skin even more..you really should give the regimen a try..every one is different..so it mite work for U but it mite not..theres something out there for eveyone though so if this doesnt work for u just try something else...i never thought id find nethin
  5. i think that would prolly make ur skin more dry and tight.. but if it works for u then go for it!
  6. im using neutrogena oil free moisture is that good enough?
  7. after using these system for a while..will my face get used 2 it and not get dry and flaky when i use it? and if so how long does it take
  8. aww!! im really self consious about mine to..but im really praying this does the trick which i really think it will...cuz its doing greattt so far:) yay! and nex time dOnt not go out on ur date! if i have to go out on mine then u def have to go out on urs! sound good?!? lol THX SO0O MUCH FOR REPLYING!!!! IM USING NEUTROGENA ON THE SPOT TREATMENT RITE NOW AND ITS WORKING GREATTT U SHOULD TRY IT IF URS DOESNT WORK!!!!
  9. wats that suppose to mean? ive been using the product for about a week and its already showing results!! if thats wat u meant by that comment.. thx for the comment but its def not an answer to my question..so someone who actually knows please tell me...
  11. hey hey guys!! where the heck can u find clear skin regimen (sp) gel?!? its on the list of products to use and Ive looked a lot of places! Im new at this so can someone please help me out!?! any one who's using clear skin regimen (sp)..do they kno if it works better then Neutrogena on the spot treatment?!! thanks muchos tata **let me kno asap please! thx guys**