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  1. its the same principle really in it, cleanse > BP > Moisturise , just u kno wat i was like changing products every day haha so i had 2 give it up cos it wernt gonna work like that for me i just avnt got the patience or time but like i said if i keep this up for another couple of months i might be clear ya never know, thxs u guys
  2. hey brandy hope things r good lol, ye i came off the regimen when i got back from hols ive got a new one v similar to dans regimen and not as much work cos im lazy ha lol. i wash in morning with moisturising face stuff, use face wipes at night to cleanse my face, apply lotsa BP wake up and do same thing again lol, saves having to do the entire thing 2 times a day aswell haha but ye my acne is under control now thank god lol. thanks 2 every1 tats helped me im not clear, i get odd spot here an
  3. just droppin by 2 say hi was bored and wanted to know how people were doing? btw can the csr gel still be effective if not used on the regimen, buying oxy on the spot all the time is crap cos it comes in little tubes lol
  4. i was on it for two months and didnt see hardly any improvement i was constantly moaning on here about red marks/papule thingys that seemed to last forever, so this thing does take pateince, unforturnatley for me i have hardly any of it o well and btw now im on a totally different regimen and my skin is fine not perfect but it'll do. i use cleanser in morning followed by make up,,, ye im a bloke tat wears make up then bit of moisturiser, then at night plaster my face with oxy on the spot a
  5. i think it has something to do with humidity, i went to america in feb and new york was freezing but really dry and my skin was fine pretty much, however we went to DC later in the week for two days and it was raining there a few times so there was more water in the air obv and i had a pretty bad breakout on the day we went home so i think humidity does play a big part, and i live in wales so rain happens everyday here pretty much
  6. ye once my dermatologist told me i was wasting her time cos i went bak so many times cos products wernt working for me. i absolutley depsise the biatch, i was close to reporting her. utter total cow, and ye damien ure right i honestly don't think they give a sh*t it really doesn't seem like a problem to them but when you think about it people go to get stitches and stuff when they are cut and acne is just less severe but elongated, if you had all the acne youve ever had in one go the effects wou
  7. omg my skin is like exactly the opposite to the way your skin reacts to it, its sticky on my skin feels freezing, harsh and makes my skin look dull and shit and even grey this has made me think why am i like the only person that doesnt agree with it, maybe my skin type is so different its not meant for this regimen thing
  8. i know i changed cos i ran out of stuff and had it left otherwise it was no BP at all i got more oxy now tho so i'll be ok, i just cant always keep it the same ill have to stick to oxy now and i want to, end of. i hopep u kno wat im like haha
  9. thats it im changing back to oxy on the spot, i just can't apply the csr gel gently enough i find it disgusting lol
  10. ye its a professional one but usually you have to go go over a spot 4/5 times to make sure the stuffs properly on, and i know i made it sound like im moaning that the regimens not working its just that the gel its really sticky and cold i find how else can i make it more nice for my skin lol
  11. whoa you should do it twice cos u do the regimen twice a day i dont think more than 15 minutes after matters but obviously you dont want to be leaving 3 and half hours in gaps between bp and moisture.
  12. why am i like the only person that does'nt comply with dans gel lol freakkk
  13. kool thats interesting but still i agree with CanadianChron, i was at a friends house and their dog was licking my face i swear if the owners went out of the room i would of thrown that dog out the window and told it where to go.
  14. a full finger, ok you can say this is too much to start but for the time being my skin is tolerating it pretty good i aint mega dry or nothing, hardly even dry and i felt this way about the gel when i was like 4 weeks in on my last regimen run . atm i use make up to cover my skin and i put it on with a special brush otherwise people would be able to tell im wearing it, do you think that would cause loadsa skin irritation? ( i put the stuff on after the regimens been done in the day)
  15. ive started using it again cos ive got 2 bottles of the stuff and ive run out of oxy on the spot so might aswell use it but I CANT STAND putting the stuff on my face, its really cold and sticky and just makes me wana scream, sorry i know everybody loves the stuff here but i really hate it, its like putting glue on and it makes my skin really uncomfartable what am i doing wrong and another thing when im not on the csr i get whiteheads lots of them that are easy to squeeze or pop and thats the