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  1. anti bacterial cream along with a breathable bandage to ensure nothing accidentally rips off your scab that will be forming
  2. When you're done dealing with this shit you'll be a completely different person thanks to acne. Theres a 99% chance you'll be very nice, not vain, judgmental, empathetic, the list goes on. My acne has finally cleared at the age of TWENTY TWO.. it was well worth it for the person I became. I could deal with the hell I went through since I like the person I turned out to be. We're all gonna make it
  3. I used to be like that, so OCD about everything. If one thing was out of place on my face/body I would think I was worse than frankenstein. Its a beautiful day man just do what you can about the stuff you can control and everything else will fall into place.
  4. I suffered since 15 man, it JUST cleared up finally. This is literally the only picture I've taken with a real smile. http://i.imgur.com/LfyMLIG.jpg It was too big embedded This was my acne at a GOOD point
  5. Feeling so happy. Looked in the mirror and noticed absolutely zero breakouts for the first time in months. People who don't suffer from acne really have no idea what it can do to someone. Hope all of you guys get clear skin, acne is such a life draining thing..
  6. Oh actually... I was a professional gamer and won a tournament, the prize was a spot in a tournament located in singapore. Hotel paid for all that stuff. Still haunts me.
  7. Was a hermit for the past year and a half, I'm awesome now though.
  8. Used to control my life. I was bullied all the time my entire life so I have OCD with my appearance and if I find any flaw I immediately didn't want anyone to see me.. a barrier to prevent myself from being bullied again. Improve everything you have control over and keep moving forward.
  9. have had zero breakouts for awhile, old ones are starting to fade looking good for now
  10. I'm feeling glad my hair is grown out and I can hide the upper portion of my forehead for a few days..
  11. It has made me more empathetic if anything, I don't judge others based on their uncontrollable flaws and often feel their pain.
  12. Acne used to 100% control my life, I'd spend literally an hour throughout the entire day looking at my face and analyzing the acne/red marks. Wouldn't go outside, thought I looked like a monster, wouldn't go out with friends or family.