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  1. Jeez, I am away for 10 minutes and the pesimists swarm to project their negetive vibes and reading the few posts above this, act like immature school boys. I will be returning home after the weekend and will post new pics for the people who are not trying to make me prove something. .....and they will be spectacular, in my eyes anyway
  2. ermmm i ment brown as in a tan, from the suns rays
  3. Hello, All is well and fine and im sunning myself up in York, ive moved back into my university house and there is a lack of internet here unless i make the trek to the Uni's LRC. Which where i am now. These computers are internet only and have a programme to stop any downloads and uploads so i will paste my most recent pics when i; a)go back home b)figure out how to hack into these computers The experiment treatment was not
  4. you will only get hyperpigmentation if the new skin comes in contact with UV rays and doing the peel shouldn't leave you inflammed. Perhaps you had an adverse reaction to the acid.
  5. Im not sure it'll will hide the very dark marks but takes care of uneven skin tone and lighter marks, not to mention gives you a lovely toasty appearance. Its Boots Soltan, 3 in 1 face peel mask. Its really good as its non comedogenic, moisturizers and gives you a nice even looking tan.
  6. No, i didn't really want to look at them any more than i had to and i wasn't planning on documenting the process.
  7. I'll post some pics in a few days when my intensive fake tan wears off.
  8. I shouldn't really waste my time replying to these sort of comments but i can't resist. My acne is no longer an issue and hasn't been for years. I did get a spot or two now and again but the bp and dermastyle pen put a stop to them. Its not ''INASANE" otherwise clinics across the globe wouldn't be doing them. And if you bothered to read my posts you will know that i did consider risks (which are minimal) and took my time to research. Im using Boots Soltan Mens Sunscreen....non comedog
  9. Its a 50% Glycolic acid peel that i used, I've never done one before this one. I have in the past used 30% tca and glycolic peels with no real results. When you apply the acid and leave it for a moment the skin takes on a frosty appearance. It goes a translucent white and only goes red hours later. During the 45 minutes the stinging gradualy got more severe as expected. indeed i have
  10. yeah of course, or else id get blotchy and uneven skin tone. Not to mention skin cancer. ....nothing new there then
  11. Then do a strong peel but for 10 minutes. I wouldn't advise you to go out there and do a 45min as i may have less sensitive skin. If the 10min goes well then do another in a few weeks. Researching these strong peels i found out that your enemy is not the depth of the peel as such, but blisters. You can't tell if you're going to get blisters when doing the treatment and only an hour or so later, when the skin starts to 'weep'...its best to avoid blisters. As you can see from my first few pi
  12. then i would advise you not to do it, you should be mentaly prepared for the slightly more stinging feeling than usual and of course the drastic visual change. no, didn't use a fan. One thing i forgot to say is that you have to be extremely carefull when doing it not to get it into your eyes, for obvious reasons. A fan may blow a few droplets into your eye...if its powerfull enough. when i did it, i wore sunglasses. Alos another thing that i didn't mention is that i also applied 6 gen
  13. i didn't apply anything to it for the first 48hrs or so...apart from a bit of antiseptic cream. But then i did pat in some moisturiser as the scab tends to get get dry and brittle and snap off, taking a piece thats not finished healing yet. Ive been indoors until now, there's no way id strut around a shopping center with them crusts, but now i don't mind, its hardly noticable and id rather be walking around now than how i was over a week ago. no, im very satisfied with how i look n
  14. Thanks for the positive feedback, the pinkness has been reduced by a quarter almost over night, if you look at the shape of it, its considerably smaller than the size of the scab...and getting smaller. I keep looking at my face in the mirror and its quite strange not to see all the ice pick scars and red marks looking back. I'll wait until everything calms down and will post a few pics in a few days.