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  1. Does anyone know any good cover up or foundation's for oily acne prone skin that you can get at like cvs or walgreens I'm not trying to do too much I just wanna cover up my cheeks!
  2. Does anyone know if I can still use this to wash my face and then use retin-A later at night? Idk if I can.its the st ives blemish control apricot scrub .
  3. I'm 15 but I'm not happy about my acne on my cheeks it doesn't get better I really want it to go away I have kinda oilyskin but I wash my face everyday like at the beginning of the year my face was clear and 2 months ago it started to break out more and more idk what to do ):I really miss my old face. Does anyone know what I should do? & whats the best way to make dark spots go away one cheek is worsethen the other!