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  1. I really doubt it will improve the scar at all. I haven't tried myself, but the few people I've heard of trying this method haven't really come forward with anything dramatic. Then again, by all means you can try for yourself and share your experiences with the forums.
  2. Hey @Cyberdemon_1542 yes it unfortunate, but I too have keloids/raised scars on my chest. I've been using silicone sheets and they help keep the scar soft and smooth after the removal of the sheet/tape. I use ScarAway Silicone sheets, about the same price $25, for about 8 separate sheets. The adhesive is best during the first two days of applying. What i do to keep the sheets on longer is wash the adhesive side with lukewarm water and a little soap to remove the dirt/oil on the sheet. I don't re
  3. Yeah there's always steroid injections. Though many derms are reluctant to do these injections on the nose just for a scar. Was it only one raised scar you had treated? I'm considering laser but I've spoken to about 3 doctors, 3 being derms and they said laser wouldn't do much. I'm in NY as well, I went to see a plastic surgeon and he bascially told me that my situation- raised scars on chest- was too tricky to treat aside from injections which I'm already doing
  4. Keloid and hypertrophic scars are a bit tricky to treat. Treatment for these scar are very limited, especially with keloid scar since they keep growing beyond the site of the original wound. Friction may irritation the scar, so it's best you try to keep the scar moisturized by applying for kind of lotion or silicone gel/sheet. Muscle building doesn't seem to do anything to raised scars, at least from my experience. It depend on the actual scar to determine whether injection will even flatten the
  5. You can try silicone sheets of silicone gel to help keep the scar hydrated. Your scar isn't bad actually so I think if you do go see a Derm, they can give you some intarlesional steriod injection and it should improve the scar a bit
  6. I wouldn't recommend it but it wouldn't hurt to try for yourself. I use the ScarAway silicone sheets for keloid scars on my chest and when I fist started using it I decided to try putting some lotion on my chest before applying the sheets. If the sheet is new then the adhesive is 100%, then there wouldn't be a problem, but since the adhesive starts to wear off after a couple of days it makes it even harder to keep on if you apply some type of moisturizer under the sheet. Like I said try for your
  7. Bro I'm glad to hear that antibiotics are working for you. I've taken those two before and the last antibiotic I took before Accutane was doxycycline and boy did I go through a nightmare during that time period. Mainly because my previous dumb derm had me taking it 3 times a day 500mg per capsule so 1500 mg a day!!! Obviously antibiotics wipes your bacteria good and bad and on this high dosage it was an overkill and it caused abdominal pain, bloody foul-smelling diaherrea and vomiting. I was be
  8. Update: Went to my derm appointment and talked to her about raising the concentration and i mentioned the 5-fu. She said that 5-fu is a chemotherapy drug. Hearing it was a chemo-drug I quickly refused but she said that they don't handle 5'fu at the current clinic. I think she's very reluctant on upping the concentration of the kenalog. I did notice some improvements this time around and hopefully shell agree to raising the concentration a bit next appointment.
  9. @blahblah82 I believe we've been going at 10 mg concentration for my chest and less for my neck area. I've asked my derm. if she would up the concentration but she refuses and constantly says it'll cause atrophy and she states that it'll fill back up, I'm assuming to how the raised scar was before atrophy? I'll mention the 5-fu I've read about it but I've been reluctant to say anything to her because I always ask question after question and I don't wanna overwhelm her. @SourGrapes yeah thanks
  10. @frasier I'm glad to hear that you've seen results. How are you dealing with the scars even if they are still there? Are you still going in to get injections? I've been getting cortisone injections for about 6 months and i have seen tiny improvements nothing crazy for a span of 6 months. I feel like if this is the speed of progress ill be getting these injections for over 2 years to have them flatten out which is absurd.
  11. I hope your fairing with these scars. I too am a victim of keloid scars not only on my chest but few on my neck. My confidence has been once again derailed after building it up from a previous severe acne. On top of that I was stubborn to go to a dermatologist again after a bad experience with my first and second. In December I went to a new dermatologist who has been great. Took Accutane for 5 months, this month will be my 1st month of Accutane free and the results are awesome. Dry lips and sk
  12. Hi Keloid, I too am suffering from keloid scar on my chest and few on my neck. I've been getting keep log injections and I've seen some improvements. I'm told by my dermatologist that my scars will flatten out and the redness will go away. I'll be left with shiny spots and I hope her prognosticate is right. Anyways how are you doing, any progress with treating the scsrs?
  13. Updated: Went to a new dermatologist and boy do I wish I would of went sooner. I developed keloid scars on my chest and neck because of my stubbornness. Yes it has taken an psychological toll on my life. Aside from that my dermatologist who is the best, she recommended I take a course of accutane. I agreed because I had nothing to lose and all to gain plus most or the horror/fail stories are very miniscule to the success stories out there. Most of which aren't told. I went 5 months, starte
  14. Update: I've been reluctant on updating because I hardly get any replies, but maybe this could draw further advice. The cystic acne under my jawline are almost gone. I had my lousy derm inject them, and it helped. Now I have around two nodular pimples and they have been there ever since. The last derm appointment Ive been to was around March. I've stopped going to my derm. Back in Feburary, I made a post asking for advice on blackheads on my chest. Well ever since that post my chest had b
  15. What kind of cleanser are you using? I haven't tried Dans products and I don't intend on starting today, they seem like cheap ordinary stuff. I'm sure you can get better stuff over the counter at a cheaper price at your local pharamacy. Not that I'm an expert, but ill take my chances. Um I've been going to my dermatologist and I'm back on dicloxacillin 500 mg three times a day every 6 hours. I was take Clindamycin HCL 300 mg three times a day for about 1 week. Seems to be working a bit, I think