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  1. if its mainly around the collars.....do not wash your face while wearing any desired shirts. i finally figured part of this mystery out, if any of the water from washing ur face gets on ur shirt....that will bleach. so either wash with no shirt on, dry, then put on ur shirt....or just wash with any old shirt u dont care for.
  2. 6 months ago when you started the regimen it was close to summer, with the weather being hotter and more humid. now it is winter, where the weather is dry and cold. i am going through the same thing, cold weather makes your face RED esecially those of us using BP. how to get rid of i? who knows, but its like a really strong blush especially in the cheek areas for me. now for the swelling? if its really swelling that could be some kind of reaction...i dont htink your allergic to BP though if it d
  3. exactly...do whatever it takes to treat the acne now. Why? because in 30 odd years ALL of us will be back on the web, scouring www.wrinkles.org run by Dan himself because more than likely he too will be in that predicament. so there will be an evolved DKR, its a circle of life for our dermis and its a bitch! but take it and run with it, its life so no need to overanalyze our decisions you know? everything we touch or breathe will eventually kill us. cheers yall
  4. that sounds about right...but when you think about it we cant have everything be perfect. also, we wont be in this skin for more than 80-90 years (thats MAX) haha so just enjoy it now
  5. thanks....yea things werent always like that of course haha
  6. alright well ive been using NHSL consistently for about two weeks now, every night. i must say overall its exceeded my expectations with the redmarks, the skin also tends to look a lot healthier with it as opposed to dull and unhealthy looking without it. in terms of the redness in the cheek area, it has decreased slightly, but i think its due more to weather and temperature because when its cold out...my cheeks turn way red. thought id add a picture so you guys could see the effects of the NHSL
  7. 10 squirts a day.....WOW, thats a lot....you must go through them pretty fast. interesting though
  8. just thought id update.... Definitely not a good idea to use too much. to be extra careful use Neutrogena Healthy skin lotion maximum 3-4 days a week at night and only a little bit (with ur usual moisturizer) cuz i started using a bit more and even during the day and it literally burnt my face. i was always red...plus i got a whitehead (small) and a somewhat larger pimple on the cheek after going about 3 months without one. im back to normal and my skin redness is subsiding back to where it us
  9. just thought id mention this....i used half dans moisturizer and half NHSL last night before sleep. maybe its just coincidence buy i noticed a huge improvement. i mean not colossal but even the redness seemed to calm down, also the red marks. let u know how it goes
  10. simple solution. dont use moisturizer during the day, but regardless, if you step outside for even 15 minutes with BP on (even on a cloudy day) things are gonna get ugly in the long run. you will notice your face looking slighlty more "burned" and a little redder than usual. it is very damaging to the skin. so to counteract the oilyness while still blocking the uv rays, just go with the neutrogena ultra sheer sunblock.they have high spfs i use the 55 if i remember right and i never looekd back.
  11. hm..thanks. whats funny is that i actually have three bottles of neutrogena healthy skin lotion, have had them for maybe 5 months. and i barely used one because when i did try it for about a week....i actually found it to make my skin extremely red, as in major sunburn red. perhaps it was because my face was alot more sensitive back then i dont know. but the glycolic acid has been proven to work so maybe its time for round two. im confident that it wont cause any extra pimples
  12. ya ive looked into rosacea.....i dont think i have it because its not really the flushing effect. its more like a minor sunburn but constantly, but who knows maybe its developed a minor rpsacea. is that possible with bp. the route to take then is finacea correct? and yea, haha i have thought the same exact thing when in the shower and at one point was taking completley cold showers suffering through them just to see if they made much of a difference, i dont think they did. What i do sometimes
  13. So i did in fact eliminate almost all the pimples. ill have usually none to 2(at the most) active pimples at any given time. and they are almost always small and go away easily. but here lies the problem, as with most people i would guess. my skin generally looks very red (especially the cheek areas where i have red spots too) im not necesssarily dry my skin has accustomed and along with the moisterizer i can effectivley eliminate that. but just the general appearance of the skin tone is uneven
  14. i can take the 100mg doxy like candy(from the get go). pair it up with RAM and B5 and honestly, no moderate acne can stand a chance if you push through the 6 month mark. guaranteed