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  1. So, my skin has gotten a little better. Only a few cysts, smoother skin--just generally looking a bit healthier. I have not been following my diet very strictly (whoops......final exams). I've also decided to tweak it slightly so that I don't become a miserable hermit. Eliminating certain food groups to reduce inflammation is one thing......but the stress that the diet was causing was nixing any good effects from it as far as acne goes. So, I'm focusing on no dairy and no sugar, and then ju
  2. Saw my new dermatologist yesterday--she's pretty cool. Very direct. We're trying 3 new things: 1. Cutting more foods out of my diet. (Noooooooooooo!!!!). Now I am not eating anything with gluten, dairy, or soy, plus no high glycemic index foods, plus no using most common cooking oils. Here's to gnawing on lettuce and my own tears. 2. I'm getting more blood testing done, with someone new to interpret the results. Apparently I may have........well, a lot of things I can't pronounce.
  3. Well, I'm seeing my new 'holistic/integrative' dermatologist tomorrow. Wish me luck. My skin is........not bad, to be honest. Still producing cysts. *insert swear words here* But considerably less cysts, and therefore there is less pain and slightly less embarrassment. Very, very few small pimples. Looooooots of hyperpigmentation in a variety of shades (bright red all the way to dark brown--hooray). Although in general my skin is doing better, I'm still frustrated. I want the cystic ac
  4. I haven't taken Spironolactone for 5 days now. With my DHEA levels continuing to climb and the progressive worsening of my skin, it's not worth it. My doctor told me it's my call on whether to quit or not, and I'm quitting. I don't think this is the answer. Plus, I won't miss the side effects of exhaustion, dry skin/thirst, and eye lashes falling out (not sure why that happened). Right now, my skin actually isn't bad. Lots of hyper-pigmentation, but only a couple really small 'regular' pimp
  5. You might wanna ask about getting hormonal testing every so often to make sure it's doing what it's supposed to. :/ Keep in mind that I have a genetic condition, so things work differently for me--maybe Spironolactone will be perfect for you!! Who knows. But for me, this is pretty scary. My DHEA is supposed to be below 307 and it's at 529. Yikes.
  6. So, funny story. Back in January, I got my hormones tested for the first time. My DHEA (which deals with androgen, which deals with hormonal acne, yada yada) was higher than it's supposed to be. It was in the 300s range. So I started taking Spironolactone. Now, 3 months later, I got my DHEA tested again. My DHEA is now at 529. Instead of lowering my DHEA, Spironolactone has made it significantly higher. I don't even know what the f*ck to do anymore. No wonder I'm still ha
  7. I think I may have miscounted by a day or so somewhere over the last 3 months, but you get the idea. Still having painful, nodule-like hormonal breakouts on the lower half of my face. Still waiting for my hormonal results to come in. Still having horrible self-esteem and a constantly hurting face. My dermatologist says that he's 90% sure he's taking me off Spironolactone, so this blog may be ending very soon. Sorry to disappoint, y'all, but we're really not getting anywhere.
  8. Looking at pictures of my skin at the start of Spironolactone was......disappointing, to say the least. I've carefully chronicled my acne progress (or lack thereof) through pictures since the very first week of being on Spiro, and my skin is even worse now in every regard. Still dealing with cysts. Even more tiny breakouts. Even worse skin tone/quality. Even more redness and hyper-pigmentation. I am super not impressed. Currently, two things are happening: a) I am experiencing more
  9. Trying not to be too mopey........I guess there is some progress? I dunno. I feel like not a lot has changed since day 1 of Spironolactone. My skin gets better, then way worse, then better again, then it's red, not red, producing cysts, not producing cysts, breaking out in tiny pimples, perfectly smooth, oily, dry.......without any rhyme or reason. It's so frustrating. My break-outs seem to have no correlation what-so-ever to what I'm doing as treatment. Skin is pretty smooth today, but stil
  10. Nevermind. Despite absolutely no changes in diet, regimen, or medications, it's back to cystic acne. Two on my forehead and a ton on my lower cheeks and jawline. I don't even want to count how many. And it isn't even close to *ahem*.....that time of the month. I feel like crying over my skin. It's so painful and embarrassing and I am so sick of this sh*t. Every time I get even the teensiest bit hopeful, it's back to square one. I don't even want to leave my house. Summary: 75
  11. Doing pretty well!!! A couple cysts and a few minor pimples, but not bad. I'm feeling a LOT more hopeful. My diet still isn't perfect, but I'm getting better and better. Plus, I think this 75 mg of Spiro is really helping. Clear skin, here I come. I'd be over the moon if I could have cyst-free skin by this summer. Summary: 75 mg Spironolactone Clearasil Face Wash Cetaphil SPF 30 Oil Control Moisturizer
  12. I have to admit, I am very pleased. 11 days on my diet and 5 days on 75 mg Spiro. My skin is still 'purging' so there are a lot of little pimples--almost rash like. But as far as cysts and pain? My skin is doing surprisingly well. It feels smooth and there is no tossing and turning at night, trying to find a way of sleeping that doesn't put pressure on certain spots on my face. I do wish I had less hyper-pigmentation though. Luckily, my actual scarring is minimal.....but the hyper-pigmentat
  13. Do I dare say it? I think my skin is looking better. Lots of small pimples and lots of healing cysts, but only one new cyst. Let's hope this progress continues. I've been on my diet for......10 days now? I think? And I've only messed up twice. Which isn't a huge deal--I'm allowed to have occasional 'cheat' meals. Let's hope I just keep getting better and better at this no gluten, no refined sugar, no diary thing though. And eventually no high carb foods as well. Thankfully, 75 mg of Sp
  14. Absolutely no change. Not one bit. Looking back on pictures of my skin before Spironolactone literally made me cry today.....I think my skin was actually better looking then. I had tried 75 mg for one day then chickened out and went back to 50 mg, but I think for my last month or so here, I'm gonna permanently go up to 75. If this hasn't changed at 3 months, I quit. I can't put up with this anymore. My face hurts so very, very badly. I'm also doing dietary stuff and taking special supp
  15. So I've been putting off writing about this for the past 2-3 days just cause I've been kinda upset over it and exhausted by midterms. I have just been diagnosed with a genetic disorder. I have a compound heterozygous MTHFR mutation for methylation. Basically, my genes are screwed up. On the one hand, this can account for every single health problem I have ever had in my entire life. Literally. On the other hand, I will have to take a lot of supplements everyday for the rest of my