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  1. Regarding using the Proactive toner with the regime, I don't think it will hurt...it's got glycolic acid in it, right? And Dan recommends a moisturizer with AHAs in it to exfoliate, doesn't he? So the toner is your exfoliation then. The toner was always my favourite part of the proactive system for the few weeks that I used it... Good luck with the regime, a lot of people have had success on it. Just be sure to listen to your skin and don't go too overboard with the BP. Remember, if your skin s
  2. Hey! Congratulations on the not-squeezing so far--I know how hard it can be to overcome the urge to squeeze sometimes, especially when there's this bump on an otherwise smooth surface...but I can rarely stop at squeezing just one bump, so it's definitely better not squeezing at all. This has become more important now that I'm on retin-a and my skin is far more fragile, so that squeezing actually can cause some real damage now...<shudder> I also know how it feels to have a bump on your f
  3. Steaming your face can help some acne, but oversteaming can also cause problems. I wouldn't steam your face every night, that sounds like far too much stimulation for your skin. Cut back to once, maybe twice a week for steamings would be my advice.
  4. Awwww, thanks for sharing your story, and my heart really goes out ot you. Although I've never had one, my best friend has been struggling with an eating disorder and its attendant body-image issues for years. It took her a long time to admit this to herself (anorexic tendencies) and even longer to come out about it to me, but I had known for a while already, and it broke my heart to see what she was doing to herself, but, as you know, nobody could help until she admitted she had a problem and
  5. What?!? No posts for 2 days?!? I hope everyone's doing well with this whole no-squeezing thing...I myself have actually been successful so far, so I though I'd just post with an update. Currently I have two small bumps on my face, one the size of a pentip, the other smaller than that. The kind that are raised, but haven't come to a head yet, and might just go away all on their own if I don't bother them. That is, they're not infected, just kind of sitting there, raised to the touch but also no
  6. Are you by chance related to Kramer on Seinfield? LOL!!! I'm now picturing this scene with Kramer in the lead role and lmao! Good call!
  7. I'm also from Canada, and the moisturizer that I'd recommend you look into is made by La Roche Posay, which can be found at any Shopper's/Pharmaprix across the country. Recently I've started using La Roche Posay's Toleraine Fluide, the one described as "soothing protective non-oily emulsion" (there are two different toleraine moisturizers in the range). This is designed for sensitive skin that is also oily. It only has seven ingredients, one of which is squalene. I only use a pump or two for my
  8. Thank you Mask, this is actually a very mature post on your part All good points. I just hope that you remember to turn your [rant/off] so that you don't going around fuming and cussing for the rest of the day... just kidding. Some of the things that go on here can get people pretty worked up...at least you've found a positive chanel for your frustration. Let's hope people listen.
  9. It's great to see that this thread is starting up again; I will be follwoing it with great curiosity. I too have many of the symptoms listed. Upon rereading some of these posts, particularly the list of questions that help determine whether or not one is a histadelic, something clicked, and I wanted to post this as a bit of a general question. One of the questions is whether you have a high tolerance to alcohol and other downers. Yes to alcohol...then I started thinking about downers...what d
  10. Good for you for holding back - I know how hard it can be, lol! Waiting at least a day for things to really come to a head is very wise, maybe you can even wait a day longer after that to really be sure...but that may take some superhuman strength on your part. Anyways, just wanted to offer you some encouragement on your no-picking for a day quest
  11. I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. Your message is an important one, and I hope that it makes people reflect for a moment or two, and maybe even change their behaviour. Your true friends don't care about your face, they care about the person you are underneath your skin...and sometimes it's precisely when you're feeling all shitty about your skin that you need to be surrounding yourself with people who will make you think of something else and maybe even enjoy yourself and forget the a
  12. I'm in!!! I've been recovering from a mild picking session from about 2.5 weeks ago, and things are going well, but I personally find that it's when my skin isn't all that bad that I tend to look more closely for imperfections, and end up making everything A LOT worse...since I'm approaching that point now, a five day no-squeezing challenges sounds like a good idea. will keep you posted...
  13. To echo other people's thoughts here, I know it's easier sadi than done, but try not to let acne keep you from doing the things in life you want or need to do--even if it's only as simple as stepping outside of your house and going for a nice walk. You're self conscious about your acne right? Afraid everyone will notice, that every time someone looks at you - on the bus, in the street, in a store, etc. - that they're just staring at your pimples and judging you. I've been there when I was young
  14. I found mine at Save-On-Foods in B.C. I know that Save-On isn't in Ontario, but maybe check out Loeblaw's (sp?) or Safeway (or that other big grocery chain, Great Canadian superstore)
  15. Papillon is right. I think that the factors for popularity shift from high school to university (and later on into life) as people become more mature and start to value personality, intelligence, and friendliness over things like looks and what kind of car you drive or the clothes you wear. Looks fade over time, and though they can help you out early in life and make you popular, you better develop other aspects of yourself so that you have something else to offer once they've faded (or once y