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  1. Hey everyone. I read somewhere that its not good to use a BP product (mine being a lotion) along the same time you use a sal. acid product. Is this true? I use a sal. acid cleanser and toner daily. I'd like to use my BP lotion once every week-2 weeks to help if I have an acne flare up or oil/pore problem. Should I not use my sal. acid items the days I need to use my BP lotion? I have some mild Neutragena and Totally Juicy cleansers I can use on those days. What do you think? Any advice welcome.
  2. Hi everyone. I used Proactiv this month and I am planning on returning it. I believe I am too sensitive to BP. The Proactiv system completely dried out my skin, my skin itched and burned often with it and the less oily parts of my skin were killing me. Also, I saw no change in my acne or markings, even though I followed the system exactly. What products do you recommed for me then, since the system said that irritation and bumps can be a sens. to the bp? The only other things that have worked fo
  3. I had braces right before I started taking it, so I wouldn't know, but I had brightsmile right after the braces so...in my opinion : Minocycline does not stain teeth, I have great shiney teeth and I take it every day for the past 10-11 months
  4. I've taken Minocycline for almost a year, my teeth have never stained, and I had brite smile laser whitening during the time I was taking, I still am.
  5. I've used the cleanser and I currently use the blemish masque treatment when I have one of those major breakout times. They work pretty well but it's the same kinda stuff that anything otc is. Just acid and bp stuff. I tryed both in a mini dose package for $1.99.
  6. The products I use right now are pretty great. My skin is pretty clear now, just a little dry because the weather is changing rapidly. Here's what I use: Morning: *Totally Juicy Pore Cleansers (There are some great ones- Raspberry, Apricot, Limon) *Minocycline (1 pill a day) *Clinique or Clean and Clear Spot Gel (sal. acid/bp) *Queen Helene Moisturizer Night: *Totally Juicy " *Phisoderm Cleanser *Clinique SG " *Queen Helene Moisturizer I also occasionaly use Queen Helene Face M
  7. I'd like some real comments on this, I'm interested in finding something new to treat acne. I'm a young woman currently taking Minocycline (pres.) to treat acne, but I am on my last refill and might look into something else. It has rave reviews, but I'd like to know what you think is best for teen-young adult(20s) acne. Let me know if you tryed it, post both pos. and neg. comments. TIA!