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  1. LMFAO. I AM SO DONE. Dude are you seriously complaining about that? You obviously don't know what a scar is lol.
  2. I currently have two acne scars that are fairly new. (Around 6 months) I researched and found out that scars heal on its own for around a year so I decided to use natural remedies. I started to use aloe vera , lemons, and cucumbers. It's only been a week but I have a good feeling about it. I also try to intake he right amount of various vitamins.
  3. Thanks shelby! I can't thank you enough for the info you provided. Now that I think about it, I should wait a little longer because it's still possible that my body will naturally make it look much better. Well hopefully. You seem very educated in scars.
  4. oooo i dont like expensive procedures that guarantee results. i think the human body is much more capable of doing amazing healing than we think.
  5. I have a few boxcar and ice pick scars. fortunately they are all shallow and my skin tends to heal pretty nicely (boxcar scar on forehead healed 90 percent on its own). My scars are also fairly new (6 months top). Would using a 0.5 dermaroller and applying copper peptide...then applying natural aloe vera gel on top. Would that work? i appreciate all your help.
  6. Stop being a baby about such minor things. From the info you gave I believe it's hyperpigmentation marks. Nothing to worry about. Try avoiding chemicals on it. Try natural remedies like lemons and aloe vera. Both very affordable and effective.
  7. It's a box car sar. It's been there less than a year. Maybe like 6 months top. And the hyperpigmentation is still there. It looks like it's still trying to heal on its own. Oh and its base is pretty soft
  8. has anyone tried dermarolling or needling an acne scar on the nose? if so how were the results and what did you use?
  9. can a 0.5 dermaroller do any good for shallow acne scars? It does penetrate enough to produce new collagen so why is it necessary to use a longer roller? Thanks.
  10. Are things like copper peptide necessary after needling or rolling? Is aloe vera alone fine ? I don't have the money to buy such things.
  11. Are things like copper peptide necessary after needling or rolling? Is aloe vera alone fine ? I don't have the money to buy such things.
  12. What will happen if I use lemon juice?
  13. Hey guys. Here's the catch. I have two hyperpigmentations that are a bit indented. I was wondering if I should wait until the hyperpigmentation disappears so I can start rolling. The thing is my skin heals pretty extensively but slowly. If I do start rolling is it okay to use natural ingredients like aloe vera and lemons as an after care? My skin tends to react badly to unnatural things.
  14. Hello people. So I was wondering about my hyper pigmented mark. Unfortunately it's a bit indented. But here's what I'm wondering about. The mark is still pretty red/purple and kind of looks like it's healing I don't know how to explain but from the looks of it, I think the indentation might actually rise on its own. Is that possible?
  15. Thanks for the help lucky. I currently still have acne but it's not extensive. Just a few and small pimples but not in the areas of where the scars are present.