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  1. Hey guys. I know proactiv isn't so popular on here, but I'm going to be trying the new proactiv+ and reporting back my results. -fingers crossed- I wanted to post pictures originally, but I looked too bad... I don't want to leave traces of how I look right now. I will do a before and after if/when I get noticeably clearer. ㅠㅡㅠ Note: I originally started with the product as intended, but it got over-drying so I modified it a bit. Morning: 1) Proactiv+ Cleanser, pat dry 2) CeraVe moistur
  2. I think they could be related to your hair follicles. I would try just a very mild cleanser without any medication in it, and moisturize with a non-comedogenic, oil-free moisturizer afterwards. Try that morning and night for a few weeks and see what happens~
  3. According to a lot of threads, it's really common to have a buildup of dead skin and experience dryness while using the caveman regimen (basically what you're doing). Every few days, you should wipe off the excess buildup, but other than that there isn't anything you can do if you want to stick with it.
  4. Michelle got it right. Even if you aren't using a treatment, it's still a good idea to use sunscreen whenever you'll be exposed to sun.
  5. You could try the pat method. Basically you just touch your fingers to your face and pat the moisturizer around your face, without actually pushing up or down. This could potentially help prevent the lotion from mixing with the BP as much. Good luck!
  6. How long has it been since you started taking it? If it's been a while, you might be able to assume that it's being caused by a different factor.
  7. ^^^^Your regimen doesn't seem to me like it would help clear up anything very quickly. You might want to try adding SA or BP to your regimen, and you could also try Dan's AHA to use a few times a week (http://store.acne.org/single-items/aha). Upon second glance, I also noticed that the lotion you mentioned has potentially pore-clogging ingredients, so you might want to switch to something more mainstream (that most people haven't had problems with), such as CeraVe or Cetaphil. Hope this helps!
  8. Although proactiv+ does come with a moisturizer, it's not as moisturizing as one would hope, and comes with some "alternate" agendas such as brightening and treating with salicylic acid, so I suggest that you add on another oil-free moisturizer on top of it or cut down the use of the full system to just once a day. I'm using proactiv+ too, and since it's winter and I live in a dry climate, I'm having to very, very (><) slowly increase my amount of the treatment to allow my skin to adjust.
  9. Hi! I have been using Proactiv+ without fail for just over 2 weeks now. The products are really nice and high quality, and I purchased the skin brightening deluxe pack... Or w/e it's called! So far this system hasn't really provided me any miracles, but I think I can see it slowly beginning to work. Since I live in a dry environment I can't fully use the system morning and night for fear of dryness... So far I'm doing: Morning: 1) Proactiv+ Cleanser, pat dry 2) CeraVe moisturizer 3) Proa