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  1. I'm following those papers too, I'm doing micro needling, vacuum, and TCA peels every three weeks apart and a the end I will get an excision for my two large indented raised scar,
  2. The dermapen is a very aggressive treatment as it hits scars at 90 degrees at 1000 holes per seconds at 2,5mm as it moves over the scar at 30 passes per treatment. This will weaken the fiber strand bands, and in turn make them easier to break when they are pulled with suction of a vacumm hover 12 times session for 4 seconds Yes he a 1 or 2 deep scars like yours
  3. Hey Guys, Still waiting for the photos as he might have given me the wrong email. Anyways. he didn't have ice picks...what is a box scar?is it a pit? Yeah he would needle the scars once every month or so, and use a vacuum for the remaining time until his next treatment. Makes sense when you think about it Even doing subcision, dermapen, needle, dermatamp and using a vacuum would work.
  4. My met an old friend had big rolling scars, box scars on his face years ago. He told me that he came up with the idea to vacuum them to suck them out. He starting doing this 3 times a week with a new vacuum cleaner he bought. After 4 months his scars were level with the skin. He said he could hear them snap after the first few times. When I taught about it. He was doing a non surgical Subcision and suction at the same time. He said he stopped doing and they never went depressed. No bleeding
  5. smackdat2

    pitted scarring

    cut them out and then there gone. It only takes a 2 hours. get a plastic surgeon
  6. smackdat2

    What Treatments To Do Once You Got Lot Of Money To Spend!

    it would say that excision(cut them out) first of all the ( easier if they are in a group) then multiple laser treatments over the linear scars. Get a good plastic surgeon. You'll always have scars, this way you can make them your own (linear scars with story) . Its easier to accept that way I believe. In time they will be like wrinkles
  7. There is no shame is linear scars. Even the same could said about acne scars. however linear scars done by a plastic surgeon can make the contours of your face for a more aesthetic look. Males have it easier in that regard.
  8. smackdat2

    Plastic Surgeon Can Fix Scars

    why don't people get a Plastic Surgeon to fix scars instead of wasting time
  9. why bother with all that when you can just cut them away. The linear scar fades. If you do all the other above you'll still have a scar. Life too short to spend worrying about acne scars Slept with a girl last night. Girls really love linear scars
  10. I have 14 pitted scars close together on both cheeks. A plastic surgeon will cut a large circle around them and then two stitch them back with two clean small linear scars. These scars will fade over time. I will be left with two sexy linear scars (male) Its not the scars we most hate, its how we got them that embarrasses us the most we all have a scar that tells a story of past times, whereby acne scars remind us of an embarrassing time in our lives I will moved on. Not one i
  11. smackdat2

    Best Photo Of Scar Repair Cycle

    yeah so clean area out with AHA for 4 weeks 15% or 70 % once off Begin needling every 5 weeks use VC or CP inbetween that time to aid wond healing....or recell if you loaded lol and the scar will fill in
  12. smackdat2

    Upcoming Dermabrasion+Recell+Needling

    You must be a new man at this stage
  13. The removal or reduction of scars, lesions, and stretch marks from the skin depends on a process called "skin remodeling". The skin is designed to heal wounds quickly to prevent blood loss and infection. Scars are manufactured from a rapidly formed "collagen glue" that the body deposits into an injured area for protection and strength. In ideal skin healing, the wounded skin is rapidly closed, then the healed area is slowly reconstructed to remove the residual collagen scars and blend the skin