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  1. Hi! I used to suffer with severe acne that was on and off. When it was clear I thought how you thought, hopefully this is the start to an acne free life! lol but that didn't happen quite then. Whenever I had any sort of pimple I would pick and squeeze. It was hard for me to not do that. I had to get in my mind that it was not making it better. By squeezing or improperly popping you spread the bacteria to other areas in the skin that eventually become infected and another pimple will pop up.
  2. Your story sounds like me when I was 15. Don't worry, acne is very common at your age due to hormonal changes. I also have oily acne prone skin. I recommend getting a gentle cleanser, I started with cetaphil. I would also pick up a gel that contains benzyl peroxide, I have one from CVS that is called CVS acne gel. Clean and Clear also has a benzyl peroxide gel. After that I would use a moisturizer, one with SPF is great especially if you are outdoors. Also try to incorporate skin foods to
  3. If your skin cleansing routine is working then that's great! I would say to improve it even more add skin foods to your diet. Green tea, greens, and grapefruit all have great skincare benefits. I've switched up my routine and for me whats going on in the inside is definitely showing improvement on the outside!
  4. Thank you all for your input! @avadakedavraacne if makeup irritates you then it is best to keep a fresh face anyways, always remember you are beautiful! @paigems I've tried a few oils such as tea tree oil and a maracuja oil ! Both worked great, I used the tea tree for my scarring and am using the maracuja oil now to help with my texture and to even out my skin tone. As far as clogged pores I like to use a sulfur mask, I've used a DDF one that worked great to clean my pores and even seemed to he
  5. Hi! I am very interested in knowing what type of products everyone enjoys most to keep their skin balanced and clear? I suffered with cystic acne in my past, and have tried numerous regimes. I am always interested in finding new remedies and oils that work wonders. I decided to take some steps in launching my very own skincare line, and would love input from all of you on what you enjoy, don't enjoy, anything! I am definitely going to take all of your responses into consideratio
  6. Hang in there! Your face will clear up with time, the teen years are filled with skin problems because of hormones. Staying positive and surrounding yourself with activities and people that make you happy will help take your mind off of it. One thing I did was read inspiring books. I've spent hours reading books in the Self Improvement section as Barnes and Noble, as silly as that sounds it really helped me emotionally. Remind yourself that you are a great person and don't let your acne get
  7. Hi! I would try adding a benzyl peroxide gel to your routine. I suffered cystic acne and that seemed to be what my face needed! I use a gentle cleanser, a 10%benzyl peroxide, and an aveeno moisturizer. I also add natural oils and masks to my routine on occasion. Stay Positive! It will clear up. Also I drink green tea on a regular basis as there are lots of inflammation benefits. Switching up your diet a bit may help. Try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables and less foods that contain h
  8. I am the queen of oily skin!! lol I am 20 years old and have suffered with acne since my early teen years. I actually just recently came across a routine that allows me to go through my day with normal feeling skin. The main products i use include cetaphil for my cleanser, I then use a 10% benzyl peroxide gel from cvs. ---> here's what it looks like http://www.cvs.com/shop/product-detail/CVS-Acne-Treatment-Gel?skuId=428504 . This product also is one of the keys to curing my acne, if you st
  9. I do! I spot treat mine with an acne benzyl peroxide cream. I got mine at CVS , here's the link of what it looks like http://www.cvs.com/shop/product-detail/CVS-Acne-Treatment-Gel?skuId=428504 ! When I feel one coming I put this on it, and it slowly disappears instead of getting worse.
  10. To help with hyperpigmentation I have added a few natural products to my routine. I love using natural oils. I have used tea tree oil in the past to help with my uneven color and to fade scars, with time it definitely worked. I now use a maracuja oil from the brand Tarte which I found at Sephora. This has vitamin C and other vitamins in it, my skin always feels so refreshed and smooth. My texture has improved over the month I have started it! Another natural product I use every so often is fr
  11. Hi! You are doing a great job by reaching out for advise. I just joined acne.org to help others because I too went through severe cystic acne. I am now 20, and for the past 5 years I struggled to find a way to balance out my skin and acne. I spent thousands of dollars on dermatologic creams and cleansers as well as doxycycline and minocycline which only irritated my skin even more to the point of discomfort and inflammation. After research and so much money being spent I turned to store bought p