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  1. why don't you ask her to prescribe the actual version and not generic?
  2. STRESS! it gives me tiny little bumps everywhere like within 6-10 hours of my melt down. SUGAR- doesn't necessarily break me out, it just makes my bumps inflamed and angry. Therefore STRESS + SUGAR = HUGE UGLY BREAKOUT
  3. Hey Taryn, Their right. It sounds like low blood sugar. I get it a lot. My mom and grandma have diabetes so I know I'm prone to it. I notice it happens mostly when I restrict carbs. I get really spacey and dizzy. It's def not the ACV, but you would likely be experiencing symptoms from the herbs. I took herbs like that for about 1.5 years and felt different. Hope it gets better! Maybe your beloved cereal will do the trick
  4. Use your fingers to exfoliate. I do it eveynight in the shower. My skin sheds so bad!
  5. I noticed when I started adding sea salt to my foods, my skin looked better. It wasn't a big enough difference to start a thread, but I thought it was helping
  6. Hey Paul, I am experiencing the same problem with dy patches of skin. It feels like sandpaper. It started on my inner cheeks, the dryness caused little non-inflamed clogged pores. Once that skin normalized, the bumps went away. Now I am having the patches on my mid center cheeks. And sure enough, little bumps are forming. I tried not bothering with removing the dead extra skin, but it just sits on the top of my skin and looks gross. I believe the dead flaky (almost dandruff like) skin patche
  7. it also causes you to swallow air, which is not good for digestion
  8. Hmm, it may be related to eating gluten or maybe you are consuming too much at one time. I notice that if I overeat, I will be bloated and gassy for the rest of the day. Also do you follow food combining? I agree with Rob. I would probaly just lie too. But they might want to see the paper haha. I think that some people feel guilty when they see their friends/family eating healthy. They will try to get you to eat junk to make themselves feel better. I'm lucky that my family generally supports
  9. Are you drinking enough water? The way I make sure to have a BM every morning is to drink a cup of warm water. You might wanna try this. I know how that feels to not want to eat because of the constipated feeling. I wish you a BM very soon
  10. Everything is still going pretty good. I've had some pimples here and there but I am not stressing over them. I have changed my attitude to where I see a pimple forming and instead of getting that sick anxiety feeling, I just say yeah it will be gone by tomorrow. I have not been under much stress since school is out and I have had a lot of free time. I am still eating my 1 egg, 1 egg white with chopped peppers, onions, and tomatoes in the mornings. I add sea salt and pepper and cook it with gh
  11. So you fell off the band wagon... just get back on and keep pressing forward. I have been doing the health thing for the past 2 years. I cannot begin to count how many times I cheated with whole pints of ice cream, entire pizza pies, cakes, chips, etc. What matters most is that you put it behind you and remain healthy. Don't give up. You will eventually see a difference in your skin and overall body. Having a strong sense of mind and peace is also important. Never tell yourself you are goi
  12. Haha, yeah I think it has a lot to do with a person's overal health. I don't have a coated tongue but I contribute that to my strict diet of whole foods. His birthday is next week, maybe i'll surprise him with a tongue scrapper How bad is it for me to kiss a coated tongue? Will it spread to my mouth... uggghh that's just gross.