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  1. blahblah: I guess I'm one of the few exceptions then. I haven't broken out horribly, and I haven't had a big improvement. My acne is about the same as before. Kareto: It says on the back of the bottle that the ethanol works against bacteria. I could try to find SA without it, but I don't think it's likely that my acne would suddenly improve alot after I leave out the ethanol. Do you? (My skin is not very irritated)
  2. Thanks for your replies. Turksoldier; The regimen says to leave the SA on for about as long as you brush your teeth, which is 2-3 mins. Are you on the cure yourself? I started trying with a Neutrogena oil free moisturizer today. Maybe I can find a SA without alcohol -but do you really think these small differences would make my acne go away?
  3. Hi, this is my first post to these forums. I tried the acne cure because many of you reported success with it. I just wanted to say that the acne cure (by Mr Dubrow) did not noticably improve my moderate acne. (It did, however, improve skin texture). Details of what I did, are posted below. If you find anything that could have hindered the so-called cure, then please reply. PRODUCTS I USED: (I live in Norway, so it was hard to find the right products) 1. 2 % salicylic acid solution