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  1. has anyone else had success with exfoliating like this? if so what scrub did you use. i have been on the regimen for a few months and this seems like a possible option for me.
  2. Okay, this is a thread for people to post tips and past experiences with the Clear Skin Regimen that they think will beneficial to others. I will start: When applying the Dan's CSR gel, be sure to always do the area really close to your lips (specifically on both corners). It is okay if some gel even gets on your lips themselves as long as you cover all the skin around the mouth. I had never consciously made sure I covered these spots before and I recently broke out all around my mouth.
  3. so i crashed at my buddy's house last night and didn't get back home until around 8 tonight. which means i missed 2 consecutive treatments. i feel like that's really bad and my skin's gonna freak out. does anyone havce any experience with missing treatments? also, the shower i took this morning was one of the first ones in 4 months i hadn't done the regimen right after. because i coulnd't moisturize, my skin was sooooo dry today. am i becoming dependant on moistureizer or will this dryness
  4. okay guys, here's my biggggg messup, learn from me and don't make the same mistake yourselves. So the other day i had the brilliant idea of lobbing some 5% bp on my parts of my face and leaving it there overnight. my logic was that it would work wonders as i slept and then i'd wash it off in the morning. VERY BAD. VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD. here's what happened. i woke up and my face was hurting really bad, burning almost. i quickly went and washed off the bp (most of which was s
  5. so i started the regimen in january and it's been about 3 and a half months. ture, i break out much less frequently than before, but very little acne seems to be going away. am i doing the regimen wrong or is my acne just too strong to be beaten.... here's what i do each day: wash my face with warm water and then lather purpose bar on for about 15-20 seconds. then wait for about 10-15 minutes until my face is completly dry. then i apply the csr gel. i have been using a lot lately (about 2
  6. i have an olive green sweatshirt that now has this obnoxious orange bleach color in the hood but the weird part is i dont' put CSR gel anywhere near my neck. my green blanket on my bed also got a bit of the same colored bleach near where my head is. it's really ugly and ruins clothes.......
  7. sweet i'll give it a try then. do you guys ice and then do the nightly regimen or what? also people claim a connection between drinking a lot of water and reducing acne. is there any validity to this? share your two cents.
  8. i've heard putting ice on pimples helps reduce the redness among other thing. is this true or just an urban legend? does it do anything at all or just make your face very numb? here's a smiley playing a violin peace
  9. so in about a week i'm going skiing and the sun is so strong and the glare off the snow is so intense that if i don't wear sunscreen i burn up like a fork in the microwave. i use eucerin csf with spf 15 but that probably won't be enough to protect me for the whole day. does anyone have any experience combining the CSR with sunscreens? I am worried that the oily spf 30s i've used in the past will only make me break out and clash with the bp gel. thanks!
  10. does anyone have any experience combining outing trips with the csr? is it possible? I am going on a 30 day backpacking trip this summer and i don't know what to do about the regimen. should i try to keep it up in the backcountry? it would be hard and require a lot of time and energy. any advice is accepted (: