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  1. jessi94

    Tca peel

    How I am clearing my acne scarers after getting my acne under control.
  2. jessi94

    Tca Peel

    Before and after pictures after one application of the tca peel 30%.
  3. jessi94

    Great coverage

    Great coverage

    I am always on the hunt for a foundation that will cover up my acne scares! I came across the Kat von d foundation after I saw many YouTube reviews on it. It is on the more pricey side but I think it is worth the money. It actually really covers up acne scares really good. Honestly you don't need much of it to do its job. If applied correctly you will love it.
  4. So happy with this product

    Ok so I know your not really suppose to use anything else with the regimen but I could not resist. I went on YouTube trying to find something to help with my acne and came across this mask. After seeing so many great reviews on it I ended up buying it from a vitamin shop online about the same time I ordered the regimen. All I have to say is this products combined together really got rid of my acne. I highly recommend it. Also, it worked in such little time. Yes it will dry out your skin but as