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  1. acnedestroyer1

    Redness fades

    Redness fades

    I had bad irritation from acne meds and clearetto was the only thing that gave me relief. I took 2 caps 2x a day and could almost watch the redness fade. I'm also using it for my preexisting red marks and they look lighter and smoother. When your skin is irritated, it becomes vitamin deficient. The antioxidants in clearetto help prevent scarring.
  2. acnedestroyer1

    Not too sure

    Not too sure

    I wouldn't say the borage oil has necessarily helped prevent acne but my skin is definitely smoother and has more of a "glow" to it. I'll keep using
  3. acnedestroyer1

    worked awesome

    worked awesome

    B5 gave me really clear skin for a few months. I couldn't believe it. But the results started to fade after awhile. I'm not sure if my body is just getting used to it or what. But still, I would recommend trying it out.
  4. I always used to get cysts on my neck. They look like hickies lol
  5. acnedestroyer1

    How To Improve My Skincare Routine?

    What do you mean by vitamin c is very unstable??