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  1. I'm a healthy 22 yo, 185 cm, 75 kilos - but when I mung into junk food (take away, chips, soft drink etc etc) I feel unhealthy, more disgusting, and feel my face has gotten worse. Why is that? Do any others feel the same?
  2. I've used these types of cloths before. Beware, and use lightly. I think it did nothing but worsen my skin
  3. Okay, so if the majority don't agree with glycolic acid, and all the derms I've spoken with (including the plastic surgeon I saw) keep insisting my scars aren't "bad" and that they're "barely noticeable", what do you guys suggest I do? I'm really at a crossroads. I'm really disappointed I've spent so much money on consulatations, money on alternative methods, and not even the professionals can properly give me advice. So given your experiences (and judging by my pic) what alternatives do you th
  4. Oh and by the way, any more experiences/opinions would be fantastic
  5. Am I the only one who feels more confident socialising with others if there's at least one person with acne/scarring, regardless whether he/she has worse skin than me or not?
  6. Yes I was registered here last year but my posts were tampered with. I can't even log in. (pic was posted before, enquiring for suggestions, but didn't get alot of replies). Thanks for your honest opinion - I too think my scars are more worse than she suggested. I don;t know what the deal is with derms etc. I visited a plastic surgeon (regarding laser resurfacing) after a referral from my first dermatologist and he just shrugged me off - apart from having the unsuitable skin type for laser resu
  7. Hi all. I have rolling scars, large pores and rough skin. I was told by my derm to use NeoStrata products on my skin to help, but I cannot recall EXACTLY what she recommended! When I left the practice, everything she had mentioned completely went through my head. I went there thinking only abrasive treatments would help in my situation, but I was releived to learn there were other methods as she said my skin (olive) is the perfect skin type, and that abrasive treatments isn't necessary! Anyway