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  1. Hey Rick, Im sorry I can't be much help... Looks like we're in the same predicament.
  2. First off, I'd like to thank everyone who has posted on this forum it really helps to be able to connect with others that struggle with the same things as I do. So I went to my doctor yesterday, and she prescribed me a month's worth of Retin-A micro and Tetracycline together. I haven't gotten the prescriptions filled yet so all I really know about them is what my doctor told me plus a few things I have read. Does anyone have any advice for me? What should I expect while on these drugs? And if
  3. I am going back to the doctor's next week and seriously considering asking her to prescribe me Accutane. Any suggestions? and just a note -- My acne didn't really get worse or better with the Epiduo it just didn't show any result.
  4. I am a 15 year old boy, and I have dealt with moderate acne as long as I can remember. I started actually treating it in 2012 when it worsened around my chin. I first used the Clinique acne regimen, which worked for my brother but did nothing for me. Although I shook it off and pretended like the acne on my chin was no big deal, it was. Then when it spread from my chin to also include under my eyes and cheeks, I started using The Regimen. I did that for about 6 months, and had zero results. Fina