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  1. Buffy, I tried this route before accutane, and I couldnt find a endo in my area that was familiar with treating hormonal acne. I read about Dr. Redmond too which is what made me want to seek treatment from an endo. Maybe you could call his office in NY and see if they have a rec for somone in your area?
  2. I'm so happy with the results. My side effects went away pretty quickly and I'm feeling good. I do have some leftover hyperpigmentation/scars. I have about 10 flat reddish marks (makeup covers them up) and a few shallow scars. I'm actually going to the derm on Wednesday to look into options for laser resurfacing. Did your skin scar at all? I'm sure you are doing all the right things to conceive. Stay optimistic!
  3. Hi Tanya, Its been forever since I've been on the boards. Its great to see that your skin is doing well. Mine has been looking pretty good too (I'm about 3 months post-tane).
  4. I've seen every derm in there ( I think there are five) and they are all good. I would recommend Dr. Sun or Dr. McNeil.
  5. I'm also doing 40 mg a day for 9 months (two weeks left to go for me). 40 mg is somewhat of a low dosage, so thats why the course is longer. It really lessens the side effects.
  6. Dr. Hutton & Associates in Newport Beach. If you are a good candidate for accutane, you will get it there.
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm in the final stretch of my course. I have taken 40 mg for seven months. I was upped to 50 mg for a short time, but dropped back down to 40 because of eye irritation. Therefore, I did a lower dose for a longer time. I'm 145 pounds and 5'9. At the end of my course (in two weeks) my cumulative dosage will be 131.39 . I've felt like my course has been successful as my skin consistently improved. By the fourth month I wasnt breaking out at all. Whats strange is the I've been
  8. I'm checking on you again. I haven't heard of fish oil causing breakouts. I have used them througout my entire course. I think its worth a try to see if it helps with your joint and back pain. Plus its great for your heart. R xy
  9. Beagle, I'm very happy with the results I have gotten from accutane. My skin showed signs of improvement within the first few months with the most dramatic improvement at the end of my third month. In the past month, I occasionaly get a very small mark that goes away within a day, but thats about it. This stuff works, so keep you head up! I'm sorry to hear that you spent all that money on scar treatment and you werent happy with results. Did you feel the IPL helped with hyperpigmentation/
  10. 18 Days to Go My skin has been behaving nicely. Those last few spots seem to have been just a fluke. They only stuck around for like a day. Happy Weekend, Rox
  11. Hi Jenny, I saw some improvement by month 2 and I was rarely getting new breakouts by month 3. Best of luck with your course. Roxy
  12. Hello, My acne came out of no where when I was 28. I feel your pain, girl! I'm almost done with my treatment and the worse side effect I had was dry/swollen lips. I got this worked out by using an rx from my doc and aquaphor (the best for accutane lips). Besides that I've had dry eyes and an occasional arm rash that typically clears within a day. I was expecting to be miserable with a million side effects, but it hasnt been like that at all. And I've seen great results! I wish you much s
  13. Hi Beagle, I saw your question about accutane making your scars more noticeable. My personal experience is yes. I only had two visible scars before starting accutane. Within the first few months of my course, I noticed that I could see a half dozen shallow scars. I've been told that once my course is through, the scars will be much less noticeable. I have less than a month to go, so I'll find out soon! I saw that you have tried several scar treatments, but were unsatisfied with the resul
  14. I had normal to dry skin before starting my course. I'm in my last month of treatment and my results are great.