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  1. FOOLS what more can I say... I have no inclination to share my life story or PROVE to ANY of you what I went or didn't go through... to feed your ego. I only came here for SIMPLE advice you losers and rant so fuck off.
  2. I thought it was a good philosphical bit. But the general law of the universe is, suffer to have pleasure... we must have pleasure in having a clear face so it wont happen for us... people with clear skin seem to not care they have a clear skin... thus don't derive any pleasure from it... Oh yeh did I mention the universe sucks?
  3. Well I saved it for the last day... so if i got rejected it wouldnt be awkard... I started a great conversation... played her down.. made her blush.. got her ready for the number asking... then what happens... she is gone... and the shift is over... lol.... I had it all planned out... it would have worked too... I could try to track her down... but that is weird... i feel like a stalker.. Nup... this is over.
  4. Where are you people wasting your precious light to be burdened with this disease...? Are you's gaining pleasure from creativity?... music?... food?.... porn?... lazyness?.... These all waste your karma... that precious %50 light bestowed on every living entity. Everyone is born with light and darkness... I figured where I was wasting mine... and the cure to acne manifest itself because I saved my light and didn't waste it like old times. I am still wasting it by being lazy on the internet.
  5. The tape thing DID work... I was clear... I just ran out of time! I was just about to ask her out till time ran out and she was gone to Queensland! We did swap pictures and gifts... I Just didn't get to ask her out! And Raleigh... you should ask that to females... Most guys here seem to love females so much they are bitter and cry the fact FEMALES WONT LOVE THEM. Sad these forums bah.
  6. I like Bitter... he doesn't drown himself in wishful thinking like others, thus bringining themselves into delusion, truth is truth, those who deny truth are idiots... You got acne your fucked... I like honesty, many females are not honest... They are lying scum.. who are opposite of everything they say.. When you struggle to build attraction in a female like Bitter seems to be ... it's the worst feeling ever where nothing is worth living for... and then those evil females come here and li
  7. Bitter "God damn you woman!" I second that!!! Damn you women! Damn you women! Damn you women! Damn you women! Damn you women! Damn you women! Damn you women! Damn you women! Damn you women! Damn you women! Damn you women! Damn you women! Damn you women! Damn you women! Damn you women! Oh yeh and Damn you Acne which is just a manifestation of the object of torment which prevents me from attaining the things I want. And I hate you women for making me feel like this and not doing anything to m
  8. Your making a big mistake... this stuff is holy!
  9. I feel like crying... I bought dans gel and where I thought I had no chance to impress this girl I love... now with acne under control, I have other girls interested in me and the love of my life may just be mine. Dan you have given many men hope where there was none... may god reward you incredibly.
  10. Im using dans regimen now.. and have found out the stickytape trick does not work with this... I put it on a pimple it did not heal at all... seems to work with clearsil ultra this trick.. something to do with the salyci acid I feel.
  11. Have you ever tried to say something to a girl, or anyone and it wont come out, like you have this speech block, its the damn acne, since getting rid of acne allmost... this shit disease is gone and I can talk confidently, seriously... no acne = confidence! Dans regimen seriously kicks acnes ass! And if I get one pimple or two... I put stickytape on it at night and it heals it 300% times faster.
  12. Ok I am so clear I really am getting alot of girls after me at work, girls really love clear security guards don't they... Alexia and me were alone at work today, and it was.... good. I am starting to feel very confident, I have this ripping line that would take 90% of girls hearts... im being patient cos I have been rehearsing every possible combination on how/what to say. I am very confident of a victory because the stickytape and now Dans regimen which I cant believe how powerful it is...
  13. Awww thankyou... your sweet... I wanna hug you
  14. Nonsense... if you got acne you can't get a girlfreind... but if your a girl with acne, its easy cos guys dont give a shit about that kind of thing. Girls wont even do eye contact with me when I got acne, pisses me off... let alone get a gf. Im 26... had acne for 12 years... no girlfreind for 12 years.
  15. AWWW raleigh that was cute!!! your sweet AWWW!!! Im giving you a lollypop