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  1. I think what you just said reflects to most of the people on this board including me. I was once enjoying life to the fullest and never look back before acne. I was once enjoying photography, theater and guitar and nowadays I don't enjoy them as much I used to. When I was into a hobby I would really immerse to it but now I have this like whatever feeling. I know it's bad and I know it consciously and I do try to prevent this feeling but so far no avail. Although my perception of life gets a bit
  2. Interesting, I get really pissed off and frustrated about acne but never cried. I would love to try but I can't really see myself crying lol.
  3. There was one photo that I looked at and wonder what in the world happened to me? The more I look at them the more it depresses me so I look no more.
  4. I feel EXACTLY the same! I have red marks on my nose and cheeks that are over a year old and they don't look like they are fading anytime soon. I'm like wtf, I always feel bummed out. I also go to a Uni and I see all the people around me with glowing flawless skin. I rarely see people with acne around my Uni, so come on! Why in the world it got to be me? God dammit.
  5. Hey man you're not alone here. I don't get anymore pimples but I have some red marks across my cheeks and nose that is from over a year ago and it really deprives me of my confidence and motivation sometimes. Sometimes I also think and focus too much about what you just said. The only way to get away from that is by studying but this works temporarily.
  6. I've have several marks like that. My oldest one was over a bit year ago and it's not going anywhere. From what I've read Asian skin takes a really long time for it to heal compared to Caucasians. I'm thinking about going for a laser genesis treatment since I don't get anymore pimples. Let us know what your derm prescribe you for your marks. peace.
  7. I have blackhead and stuff that clogs my pores all over my nose. There are parts of my nose that that is turning red or it is inflamed. Is this what happens if you don't do anything about your blackheads? Because I never touched them.
  8. Are you able to use Dans SA+ everynight? thanks
  9. My nose is very sensitive, I wouldn't let anything go near my nose. I will try paulas bha and green cream and then see how that goes, thanks for the info.
  10. Nope, there was never any pimple on my nose, it is just red like that. It's weird that it sorta temporarily goes away after waking up in the morning but comes back in the evening....
  11. No they are not cold sores, its just like that. It's hardly noticeable in person, I think its because I took a macro shot and that it seems to be more prominent.
  12. I've posted this is rocacea forum but I'm not sure if this is caused blackheads? thanks
  13. Can anyone tell me this is rosacea? There are no pimples or anything except the redness only around the nose area. Each time I wake up in the morning it is less noticeable but as I progress throughout the day it gets worse. I notice I have blackheads and is this the cause? Will getting laser genesis improve anything? thanks
  14. Mine looks very similar to what you have! I would get those redness just like that, no pimples at all. It gets worse throughout the day for me. Is yours like this?
  15. Here you go! http://www.realself.com/Laser-Genesis/reviews