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  1. The positive effects of acne will become more evident once you all are clear. I wouldnt trade my troubles with acne for anything. The lessons Ive learned are completely valuable. I'd say acne forced me to become more humble of course, but most importantly it has taught me to never succumb to adversity and challenges. It has also awakened the desire to constantly self-improve and empower others.
  2. We've all heard the insults. It comes with the territory of having acne. Just dont make the horrible mistake of becoming a hermit because of some insults. Get back out there. And girls? They dont really care, just as long as your personality is top-notch.
  3. Welcome! Sounds like you're almost ready to throw in the towel, my friend. Be persistent, hold on to hope and NEVER give up. The greatest thing about this website is the great feeling you receive you realize that you're not alone. It makes life with acne a little less painful. BUT, our relationship should be reciprocal. Venting is good, but you also have to put in the work and build your confidence with acne. If your acne is like mine, it's not going away anytime soon, so do whatever it is in
  4. BEHOLD, THE GREAT WALL OF TEXT Paragraphs! j/k I understand your pain. Acne is difficult to live with, of course, but listen to yourself. It's not acne so much that's destroying you. It's your mindset, your words, your beliefs. - You want to quit smoking but you CANT because of ACNE? Your LUNGS hurt everyday and you find it hard to breathe, but you just CANT DO IT? - You rather DIE and leave your family because you have pimples on your face? - All day you cry in the bathroom? -You stack
  5. Indeed. These may all seem like dark days, but if you all hold on to hope, I promise you, the future will be brighter. You can still be a confident, social guy with acne, but it does take work. Instead of trying to ignore your acne though, accept it and understand that it does not define you by any means.
  6. It's great to see another guy on Acne.org encouraging others to be more confident. Rock on!

    1. I googled The Saurus for his rap battles, and I found your topic. It's a shame noone really responded to it. There's alot of value in your words. I guess its easier to wallow in self-pity. Just think about it, people. Imagine being on stage, with acne and acne scarring taking insults about your skin in front of thousands. These videos are a testament to The Saurus' confidence and self-acceptance; qualities that we could all get if we realize that acne doesnt TRULY define us and stop us from liv
    2. hehe :P

      those sunglasses could make anyone jealous.

      1. Indeed. Me and Joey Greco were about to come through with the cameras. Honestly, I say you should leave it alone and wait until he talks about it. I'm sure he wonders what you think about his acne alot. After all, you are his girlfriend. I dont think you should confirm his thoughts that it's been on your mind. He'd flip out. Just chill out.
      2. I dont consider weed a drug, so I never did drugs but... Alcohol? I love it. Expensive, but it does make you an amazing conversationalist, though.
      3. Indeed. I realize that its not easy to just say "FUCK ACNE! I GONNA LIVE MY LIFE!! WOOOO! I HAVE THE POWWWER! " especially when you have years upon years of limiting beliefs in your noggin. The people who say that most likely are just experiencing a temporary high. I'm not a keyboard jockey who hasn't been through the pain. To become confident is difficult, but it's not impossible. Anything worth having is going to require you to put in time and seek failure. It takes time to do a deep leve
      4. I'd hate to rain on this pity party but.... It all comes down to truly knowing your worth. If you truly desire it, anyone on this board regardless of skin condition can create a life full of unbreakable confidence and incredible relationships. I find it amazing how we can run into someone with worse acne than ours, living their lives to the fullest and we consciously block that out of our minds. It's fascinating how we humans are quick to self sabotage. I'm 22, and Ive had moderate/severe
      5. Pittsburgh eh? I was going to go to school there a couple years ago.. I'm from Philly. Still trying to decide why I'm still here though. =P