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  1. Hi, Mine started improving, and I mean improving by not getting anymore new pimples, from around 1 1/2 months. I had a second initial breakout just before I started clearing. And since then my skin is just getting better.
  2. I use Clinique oil free foundaiton, then concealer stick over and then clinique powder - does the job for me.
  3. MinxyMech

    MinxyMech's accutane story

    Day 64 CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR is my skin!! My skin is getting clearer by the day, I havn't had a zit in weeks and the marks are fading away everyday. I can just put on moisturiser and leave the concealer stick. I'm thrilled and so happy that tane has worked for me. If you reading this and are on tane, stick it out and good luck.
  4. MinxyMech

    MinxyMech's accutane story

    Day 58 Yay I havn't had a new pimple in 2 weeks, I'm thrilled. I am so glad this time around the tane is working for me. Last time I was given only 20mg a day for only 7 days of the month for 3 months and it never even touched sides so I was a little nervous to take it again. My red marks are fading as I type and my skin is starting to look really good. I feel so much more happier, confident and comfortable. I stopped taking the Omega 3, because it didn't really help me with the aches a
  5. MinxyMech


    Thanks for coming up to visit the acne online world - it certainly encourages us and gives hope.
  6. MinxyMech

    MinxyMech's accutane story

    Day 51 I actually lost track of what day I'm on now... Things are looking good. Others around home and work have noticed that my skin is clearing. That's a marvelous sign. Havn't been on the boards in a while, I've been off on leave and rather busy at work but back again, need to keep track of what's happening in and around the acne world. Skin - Like I said, doing good, getting better. Every day is either better than the day before or generally the same. I havn't had a major breakout
  7. MinxyMech

    Apomes' Accutane Log

    Hey Apomes.. Your pics are great and your skin is even better. No matter how mild or severe your acne, the fact that you're looking after it by treating it with accutane is a good thing. Congrats on the new love...
  8. MinxyMech

    MinxyMech's accutane story

    Hey TG, Definately hooray for clear skin. No more obsessing over new pimples and analysing at every bathroom trip.
  9. MinxyMech

    My Accutane Adventure!!

    Hey CC, Sounds like you doing marvelously - Enjoy and hope you keep it up, because It's been working for you rather sooner than later.
  10. MinxyMech

    My acutane pics

    My accutane so far so good pics
  11. MinxyMech

    MinxyMech's accutane story

    Day 45 aaahhhhh (sighs) Things are looking up for me. Since my infamous week-end breakout I have only one new zit on my face, on my cheek I would say. Other than that my skin is starting to clear. I uploaded some new pictures in my gallery - without concealer stick - what the heck! Lips are fine - Blistex is keeping them in tact. Eczema (rash) - I would say I get eczema in a new place every 4 days or so. Smear mylocort on for 2-3 days and it's gone, so It hasn't been that bad to deal w
  12. MinxyMech

    My Accutane Adventure!!

    Hey CC - Congrats on the positive skin progression you're experiencing, we're all envying you, send some this way.
  13. MinxyMech

    Confessions of a Roaccutane user

    Hey Ronald, We're all in the same boat! Wishing you the best on your promotion. Cioa for now
  14. MinxyMech

    MinxyMech's accutane story

    Day 38 Sawabona everyone - Now you know one word of Zulu TenesseeGrl. (Sawabona is zulu for hello) I always got better grades on higher grade for Afrikaans than what I got for English on standard grade! Terrible I know but I hated Macbeth Captain Cool - French hah, I'm impressed. I'm already in week 6 - fascinating! Don't know why it's fascinating, just felt approprate at the time to say it. My skin is actually worse than I thought, or wait, maybe I'm just being paranoid again. The
  15. MinxyMech

    MinxyMech's accutane story

    Hi Apomes, I think I might jog the 1km to the time trial point and run the 4km very speedy and then jog the 1km back home, that way I do more than 4 km's but not longer distance speedy speedy. 4km's speedy and 2km's jogging. I'll see how I feel when I get there. Will update tomorrow on how it went or didn't. The afrikaans language in SA is very similar to the dutch language. Usually Afrikaans South African's can pick up what people talking dutch are saying.. It's a great language, easier t