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  1. ThankYou! I'm so glad I decided to take it! And for the bumps, they have a special name but I can't remember and in around 2 months I'm going back to the derm and they do a small procedure which burns them off. He says it will all be healed in 48-72 hours, I think that's the only way round them unfortunately
  2. So as I previously mentioned I came off accutane a few days ago after 5 months! I just wanted to show everyone before and after pics, things aren't perfect (to me anyways) but u can see the big improvement. I have little bumps on my forehead which I'm getting treatment for in a couple of months from the derm. My nose and mouth are really dry at the minute so excuse the red marks!
  3. So I went to the derm yesturday and now I am off accutane! Yay! I haven't had a spot for around 2 month now but I wouldn't say my face is perfectly clear, I've still got a lot of red marks and large visable pores ony cheeks near my nose. My skin is red and shiney which I'm hoping will go in the next 6 weeks or so! Accutane isn't as bad as everyone makes out, bit of dry skin and lips and that's about it. Defiantly worth a try anyway. I will post some pics tomoz to finish of my
  4. I still can't help but be self conscious about the red marks still, I wouldn't say it's perfect but I have another 6/7 weeks left to go yet!
  5. We are roughly on the same day, I'm about 5 days infront and we are both now saying we are nearly clear haha. It's took a hell of a long time to get here and the amount of times I've thought it's not working and giving up is unreal. If I'm honest I did expect miracles and for it to work in weeks but god I was wrong! I just hope you have the confidence enough to upload some pics at the end and we can all see the change
  6. Well I haven't posted for about 40 days so I thought it's about time I do one lol. Everything is great, for the past 3 weeks I haven't had 1 spot! My skin is clear, (thought I would never say that in my life). Don't get my wrong I still have some hyperpigmentation but the derm said they will fade over time. I have been looking at lightening creams so may ask about that next time I go. As far as side effects go my skin doesn't seem to be as dry anymore, my lips are still dry if I don'
  7. So I'm day 49 into treatment and I can honestly say I am no better now if not slightly worse than what I started 49 days ago. I know with this stuff you don't expect to see miracles straight away but I'm still getting a new spot everyday....what's going on?? I still have the rash on my hands and arms, and getting spots in random places such as behind my ear..and trust me that's sore! I'm back at the dermatologist on the 2nd of April so no doubt my dose will go up and I will see if I
  8. I was just thinking the same thing about is it even going to work but with the high percentage that it's successful I can't see it not working!
  9. So I'm still plodding on with accutane and things are a lot better since I last posted. Things seem to have gone down a lot (still getting actives) and the redness has gone and no more burning! Yaaayy! I have been using e45 on the really dry skin which took me about 2 weeks to get under control on my cheeks, chin and forehead and then I use the cetaphil moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin. I also mix abit of simple moisturiser with my make up in a morning and it seems to be doing the
  10. Hi! Just keep going it all takes time. As for the pores, I am the same. I have them ALL OVER my nose and cheeks and a few on my chin and forehead. Around day 35 or so I noticed my skin feeling so bumpy so I just squeezed my nose and I'm not joking but all the crap from the pores just started coming out! It was amazing but disgusting all at the same time. For the following few days I just kept doing the same and they was coming out so easy. I did use a bijore pore strip and it worked,
  11. I can honestly say I'm starting to regret even starting taking accutane! My face is by far the worst it's ever been, it's all red and little spots everywhere. I have got lots of little red spots round my cheeks now near my nose, not sure whether this is all the blackheads being pushed out. I went back the derm yesturday and I am now on 40mg a day. The next 4 months can't come quick enough
  12. So these past few days I think the side effects and the 'initial breakout' hit me hard! One day I was fine, the next day I woke up and washed my face like usual but with cetaphil cleanser and OMG did it sting. My face went bright red for like 3 days and my face was so dry and chapped and flaky, I think using a topical aswell as accutane really caught up on me. I had to keep applying moisturiser every 20 mins just to stop my skin flaking off! Which I think made it worse because it was on
  13. Thanks, you don't know by any chance if the Simple products are non comedogenic?