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  1. r u still planning to go to japan? :)

  2. I'll be honest, the first time I saw my girlfriend without makeup - I thought she was much more beautiful without all that stuff on her face. From your pic its obvious that Accutane has worked great. And thats your 'bad' side ????? looks perfect to me. You have great looks also. One thing that I noticed that your very lucky with - you have no redness or bad texture from the accutane. After 2 months on accutane I developed quite red skin over 60mg per day, so I had to drop back. Dont take t
  3. Hi everyone, Almost at the 4 month mark. 2 days ago I developed a painful stye on the lower eye lid of my left eye, now tonight, I have one on the upper eye lid of my right eye. We happend to have 'Fucidin Ointment' in the house so I used that for the first one, and currently on the second one. They are quite painful to say the least although for now, dont look all that bad. They kind of feel like the cysts I used to get before accutane but on my eye lid ! Has anyone else had this occuranc
  4. Your 18, why let your mothers opinion prevent you from having clear skin. Accutane will give you clear skin if you give it 4 - 6 months to work. Minocycline is much worse for your body if taken long term. I took it for over 2 years and it really messed up my digestive system and gave me other skin problems such as extremely dry hands. Have you had this dry hand problem ? So in short, long term MINO use is very bad for you. Accutane is no where near as bad as people say. I'm on 60mg per day an
  5. Beleive me, I dont think there is much between the 2. I know a girl with a great skin tone yet around the time of her period, she will break out. She thinks it looks terrible, yet I almost dont see it. On the other hand, I used to have oily / blotchy skin before accutane and it didnt bother her yet it really bothered me. I also worked with a guy in his 50's with really oily skin. Before I developed acne at around 19, i'd worked with him for 3 years. I'd never noticed his oily skin before i'd
  6. I read here once that there is an option for 'If you have become pregnant'............ Choose that, you'll have someone on the phone in a flash
  7. I want to thank everyone who has responded to my thread. I didnt realise people could say such kind things at all ! Well..... I still see this girl and things are really great. She isnt nervous around me or anything. I still get that goodnight kiss.
  8. Thats the thing......, she's never seen me with acne. I'm on Accutane now so there is nothing to see. Which kind of worries me, what happens if worst comes to worst and she has to see it one day???. Perhaps her feelings for me would be different. Who knows, shes 19 and too young to see that there is more to life than just whats on the surface. Its like i'm living a lie (and maybe a few more of us are)....I'm quite prepared to happily go out with her because my skin is currently clear. I woul
  9. I once worked with about 45 other people. Myself and 4 other people had quite bad acne. They where roughly: 35 y/o - Male 50 y/o - Male (very oily skin) 25 y/o - Female 26 y/o - Male However, from the rest of them..... I saw, even sometimes quite persistant acne on maybe 10 others. These where people all over 20. Also quite a few with scars. I know for sure that one of them was on Accutane (he had dry lips at times,... too obvious to me) Just becasue there where quite a few, it didnt
  10. I know there is a relationship between the 2. I actually managed to go about 4 / 5 months one time without giving in to temptation. Was very clear the whole time. Couldnt stand it any longer and got Accutane. Still ...... i'm not pushing my luck just yet. I'll wait till the course is over !
  11. LOL this thread is hilarious. What is the world coming too..... enough of our personal information is public knowledge already without adding to it As sure as the sun would rise every morning, my uncle once told me you could set a watch by his ass.
  12. Lots of guys break out from 'beating off'. Its just about the worst situtation you could be in with your acne. Even if you try and quit doing so..... nature will catch up with you. I cant give you an answer on female orgasms. But orgasms in general will mess with your hormones. You could always ask a dermatologist just for giggles..... Of course they all stick to the same story..... nothing to do with diet, pleasuring ones self etc......
  13. You could hide it pretty easy... I'm more worried about my accutane being taken from me when I go on holidays. I'm maybe just being paranoid ?