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  1. before and after pictures
  2. Hi Ive been on tane for 1 month and 2 weeks and ive suddenly had a loss in appetite. i can go the whole day without wanting to eat and most days have to force my self to eat as i know i have to eat, for example today ive been awake for 6 hours now and didnt eat breakfast, i tried to force my self 5mins ago to eat 2 slices of bread with chicken and sweetcorn and i couldnt even finish 1, any suggestions?? Thanks
  3. Today is 1 week of my course, and yesterday and today it feels like there something in my eye but there is nothing in my, only happens at niht and burns a little bit, can this be caused by tane?
  4. HAHA Thats what i was thinking cause of reading hte side effects making me think i have them but im sure my lips are drier lol
  5. Today was my second day of tane, i was just wondering if you can get dryer lips after 2 days as my lips are dryer then they usually are, just wondering. Thanks
  6. Hi I took my first tane capsule about 2 hours and a half ago on 20MGS a day. I think it is coincidence but all of sudden i feel very sleepy and tired, is this caused by the tane or is it just me today? Thanks
  7. Hi All Me again, i just phoned up the hospital to see if my results came in and they told me hte results would go to the GP, i will ring htem in a minute, i thought it would go to derm???? The derm told me to phone hte hospital for results and if everything was ok i could pick up the prescription, if i phone hte GP how does the hospital know when i cn pick up the prescription???? im very confused, if someone can help please do, im in the UK
  8. ah also forgot to say, i spmetimes get cysts on my back to but very mild acne on my back
  9. hey again, Well im in the UK, so the derm never discussed any brand as it is free here, we dont have to pay for tane here as im under 16 but if you over 16 in the UK you only pay as little as $15 per prescription, so i think in the UK its be happy with what you get, not sure in USA
  10. congrats, its a good feeling knowing im going to start tane next week, im sure its for you to, thanks for all the posts guys , got my blood tests tomorrow just hope everything is OK and damn im so hungry, have to fast, cant eat 14 hours before tests anyway i wouldnt call my acne severe , but ive tried a few antibiots but they dont really work well, i normaly get about 2 cycsts at a time every 2 weks so i wouldnt call it very severe, i think the only thing she agreed on tane was because of scar
  11. any answer for my question ?
  12. ive got like brownish/reddish marks will this help???
  13. thanks, any1 else have something to say??
  14. ah yes also forgot to ask, if laser is reccomended after i finish tane is it free on the NHS in the UK or can it only be done privately?