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    Some Give Me Tips ! Or Save Me

    I suggest you drink tons of water, take vitamins, eat healthy, and use natural products on your skin
  2. Did you check if it was oil free? If it says on the ingredients that there's any kind of oil then that can be the cause especially if you already have oily skin or acne prone skin. I've also used that moisturizer and found that I was getting more acne, now I use neutrogena oil free moisturizer, it's not the best but you won't get breakouts from it!
  3. Laurenstevens67

    Random Breakout?

    So I've been suffering from mild to moderate acne since and since last September I've been using epiduo gel and it worked perfectly after a couple months! I had no breakouts what so ever. Then in December I started taking birth control pills and it didn't seem to effect my face and I thought it was preventing me from getting acne but now I've recently gotten a bad breakout on my face. I also have a weird pimple bump on my forehead that doesn't have a head and isn't even red. I've also started wo