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  1. I've been using the bp only once a day from the very beggining. I started on mid march and i am clear since mid may. Today my face cant tell it had acne just three months ago. My routine now is just the use of bp, not all the regimen steps, and in a very small amount, equal to the amount of eye cream. I put it at night.
  2. NO, staphylococcus is resulting to similar image to acne, but its not acne. So, bp is not effective on it
  3. Its been a while but i am back with my latest update. If you have read this topic from the first post you know that i have been struggling with acne again after many years, since last september and that i have tried everything that is having a 4+ rating in this site. I am totally clear since May, not even a zit. I can use my bronzer on bare skin again, like i did before. I noticed that the turmeric/ licorice masks helped a lot on red marks, lemon and ACV as well. Now with a perfect face again
  4. Yeap.. This stuff is bleaching. I am acne free from may by using bp only at night and less amount than my eye cream. My face is now as it was before my acne burst, but towels and pillows are bleached. I dont use the aha step. I just put pure vitamin a in capsule on my faded red marks.
  5. Consume your thought in smth more useful Check out dermablend's new ad with Cassandra Bankson.
  6. WOW! This is getting better!!! For the yellow hue just wash your face with baking soda and it will go! Make a paste of the soda and some water drops, apply smoothly and rinse off!
  7. Frenchie86, i totally agree with you. I have hormonal acne that was fixed only under birth control. After i stopped the pill i stayed clear for many years and NEVER payed any attention to my diet. I eat from pizzas to cakes. Everything, never had an acne situation. Now i have acne that returned ( really, WHY?) but i keep it at bay. I also thought that topicals dont do much, but i use the treatment bp only a drop of it once a day and my face is 99% clear with no active acne. Either this stuff is
  8. So glad you see significant difference. My face is also 99% clear AND spot free. I still use the masks and just a drop of bp at night. I havent used manuka honey. I just use raw greek honey and it gives great smoothness to the skin. I think manuka is kind of the same. Since you are allergic to yoghurt, better avoid it. Try to mix the honey/lemon mask with turmeric or licorice. Great for scar healing. If you get a little yellow from turmeric dont worry, it leaves. I am waiting for your pics.
  9. I had pcos but no significant sign in ovaries. I was also on diane35 and it was the only to fix my cycles and acne. Diet has never changed to better or worse my hormonal imbalance I wish it was so easy to stop my acne....
  10. No, i havent been on androcure, as i was not that high in testosterone. I know women who were on that combo and it worked for them. You may even need androcure only. Its your doctors decision according to what is most beneficial for your case!
  11. Your pill prescription should be based on general hormonal check test. It is true that diane 35 is the most common in such situations, but it can cause opposite results in some cases. I was on that pill twice in my life and clear. But i also know girls with severe acne that the same pill didnt work for them. You have to try smth else probably with the oposite ratio in hormones.
  12. I had slight pcos and high androgens. It been many years since i had my hormones checked and i dont remember the ratios. Whatever the imbalance was it was fixed with diane35.
  13. I have been on diane35 for three years. It is a very heavy pill that is prescribed mostly for acne cases and not for simple birth control. You are on the edge for the high limit of testosterone, but the weird is that after a year on the pill you should have gone lower. Perhaps you should combine the pill with androcure, a drug specified to testosterone. Many doctors prescribe this combination. Discuss it with yours.
  14. I was on the pill for three years so as to fix my cyrcle and clear my face. I cleared very quickly, within a month but i kept for three years as i had no side effects and was afraid to stop it. When i quit, i just stayed clear for the following years. I did nothing, no diet, no specified anti acne creams, nothing at all. My face was like i never had a pimple. I rarely used foundation and i looked like those perfect photoshoped faces in the cosmetic ads. My cycle is still regular, but acne reme
  15. Use the treatment once daily, preferably at night. Sunscreen is a must whether you like tanning or not. Discontinue the aha use for these days so as not to cause extra irritation. Find a non comedogenic spf with mat effect. Vichy is having a great one with spf50 and stays totally mat in humidity. You can skip the moisturizing of the regime as it is a bit greasy. Wear the spf cream instead.