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NOTHING EVERYTHING Gave me the worse breakout of my life I wish I could give this negative 1 million stars! This gave me the worst acne of my life at 27 years old. I tried this horrible cleansing method for a couple months and it literally clogged up what seems like every pore on my face. 1 month after stopping and I'm still dealing with the consequences. Cystic acne all over my cheeks and neck, and just a very bumpy, splotchy overall appearance. My face never looked like this in my en

By lightersUP,

Very effective antibacterial Simple, natural ingredients Easy to find Affordable Dries up acne FAST Nice tingly feeling upon application Can be drying if not properly diluted Pungent smell, but I don't mind it WOW! Tea tree oil, along with witch hazel has really helped clear up a nasty breakout I've had for the last couple months. I had fresh bumpy zits all over my cheeks and along my jawline, even some on my neck, and I'm finally getting relief. My fac

By lightersUP,

Easy to find Cheap Natural Too thick for my skin Clogged pores Gave me cystic acne Greasy I have acne prone skin, and used this as a replacement to my usual moisturizer for a few weeks. My goodness, I noticed little bumps and whiteheads forming at first, then all of a sudden my face exploded with acne like I haven't seen since my teen years. Olive oil may work great if you have normal skin and not prone to breakouts, but for me it really clogged up my face and

By lightersUP,