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  1. thanks for your opinion and I hope you have a good Derm and he/she knows what they are talking about and it is true it just returns to how it was ... I would like to hear some other opinions though!
  2. Presently I have a mild acne I took Mino back when I was 14-15 [Now 18] had great results but only had 1 month course! Afterwards I actually broke out worse. Then I started Mino again but I think I became immune and it lost it's beneficial effects I want to try Mino but i'm not sure if it will make my acne worse after I become I immune or it may have been just my Acne getting progressivly worse as I ended up on Accutane at age 17. If it is not going to make my Acne worst afterwards I don'
  3. Firstly I do not believe diet and acne are linked I just want some opinions. I was reading an older thread and some people got clear from Liver Detox saying it is very important in the body's hormones and many other Detox's Kidney, Gall Bladder etc have got some positive results. Does anybody have some experience or knowledge of these or tried any?
  4. mmm Septra no havent heard it does it have any alternate names I might know it as something else? I also asked this question because a freind of mine got mild acne back after Accutane and he said because hes oil production was decreased by alot after the Accutane Antibiotics worked twice as good as before the Accutane! I will ask about the Septra though thanks!
  5. that was an intresting read! im seeing more & more posts like this all the time Ive been told time & time again diet & acne arent linked but reading stuff like that makes me question my belief!
  6. I do not know what Erythromycin Pads are but keep your regimen simple just basic cleansing and moisturizer Accutane will do the rest and judging by your break-outs Accutane is working well breaking out on the Tane and getting the junk out is a good thing some people break out their entire course...
  7. "KK" Skin is very sensitive on Accutane I recomend Cetaphil or Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser twice daily I used the Neutrogena one myself and it was fine!
  8. Accutane cleared me 100% but like most people oil returned but I caught it quickly and started doing SA+BP around the 3-4 month mark which kept the break-out I had to a minumim and is keeping my mild acne under control [for the time being] but it's not enough. I have been on Minocycline and Doxycycline before but silly me being only 14 at the time only took a 1 month course and never went back to the Doc... ](*,) They both worked quite well on my face and im thinking of giving them another tr
  9. neutrogena oil-free acne wash is trash [-X if you need a SA product do not buy that!
  10. I have been using Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash with 2% SA. Like most people I found this product to be pretty poor. I need a good SA product opinions would be great!
  11. well I just got told after posting this thread that it isn't sold in Australia?!?! are you sure you have seen the exact product I listed at safeway and priceline im from sydney if that helps?? [-o< [-o<
  12. Does anybody know if these are availible in Australia i'm looking for "Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser" I havent seen it anywhere??
  13. LOL funny enough before you posted this new thread I was looking at one of your old posts and sent you a PM regarding these products check your inbox [EDited image out] F**K I also just bought Neutrogena Oil Free Acne wash I havent heard much good about it would it be alrite you think to combine the Neutrogena wash with the Clean And Clear BP??
  14. meeraboots or anyone I have also heard great things about these products how bad was your acne to begin with before starting these products and would the combo stated in the original post be the best one to use because I know they have alot of diffrent products??