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  1. I wish some people on the Forum would be a little more supportive and less argumentative, I think this is why some members are choosing to leave. What a shame.
  2. Try birth control pills!... lol just kidding. Nah, all acne is hormonal according to all Derms. We don't really know yet why the skin reacts that way to them though (hormones I mean). Some theorize androgen sensitivity or a sporadic shift in hormone chemistry (especially in adult acne).
  3. A chemical peel? lol. I got one in December with still lots of active acne on jawline and I always had some icepicks (minor scars) and my skin looks pretty good actually. It also took away most of the macules (red marks) too.
  4. Wow... it seems like you all eat a very "broad" diet and have to worry about a lot of things to cut out. I just eat one meal a day and then I'm honestly full. How do you guys have such large appetites? working in the coal mines or something?