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  1. it is bullshit ! ha ha ha i tried it and it didnt make any difference to my skin let alone go without makeup ! !
  2. Can anyone tell me what the new Phillosophey ( cant spell ) mineral makeup is like have any of you guys out there tried it ???????????????? what is the cover like ?????? does it break you out ????????????????? please stop me from waisting more money on foundations aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggggg
  3. This topic made me smile , cos i was the same my dad used to joke that only 2 men ever saw me without makeup ! him , and the doctor who delivered me as a baby ! ! I still never go anywhere without my make up on when i met a new boyfriend i used to just keep my makeup on all the time , then after time when i felt more confident with them i used to reduce it bit by bit ( so not to shock them) ha ha ha by that time they are smitten with you so a few spots wont put them off ! ! sad but true
  4. I brought some 2 weeks ago , its nice not much cover though ! i use it to touch up during the day on top of my foundation , but i tried it on its own , a bit powdery and not brilliant cover ! it hasnt broken me out so thats good :clap:
  5. Hi i tried it ! it actually broke me out :( also i just couldnt get a good colour they all looked pale , and it is really expensive ! the lipsticks are lovely though , really nice on the lips x
  6. Yes im the same ha ha ha sometimes i redo my makeup again cos it just didnt go on right !!! everyone gets right pissed off waiting for me :mad: Ive just had hair extensions and it takes even longer to get ready now cos i have to dry them and straighten them aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!! wot i would give to just get out of bed run my fingers through my hair and a touch of lipgloss and go !!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: oh and shower , its no good being so perfect and stinking is
  7. Im glad you like it , let me know how you get on with it ! your right that sisley is expensive and look , im still left with bloody spots ha ha ha its all expensive bullshit isnt it , it just makes you feel better ! quick fix ! im in a cinicle mood today just thinking of all the products ive brought and all the money ive waisted on trying to get clear skin , god all the clothes i could have brought !!!!! ha ha ha ha you still using that no 7 mate ???? ha ha ha ha x
  8. will you keep us posted , to your progress ! im gonna order one as soon as poss HA HA HA i think everyone on this site will :razz:
  9. Is this for real , how can it cure acne ????????????? :shock: there is no cure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I ordered the acne-prone kit as well , its ok ! just didnt do much , i dont know wot i expect really ha ha miricles ! ! the only skincare i ever used thet completely cleared me up REALLY ! for about a year , then my skin got used to it , was Sisley ( really expensive ) but brill cant rate it enough , it was ther tropical resins range that is especially for spotty oily skin ! the tonic is so brill honestly , i didnt get any spots , and it does not dry the skin at all , its about £35 the moisturi
  11. darling ask me , we meet again , ive tried it Ha Ha Ha , i brought the travel size kit from a beauty salon , I personally didnt see any difference to my skin , it didnt make it any worce , or any better ! ! ! ha ha
  12. Hi all just browzing through my Grazia magazine and theres this big spread for clinique New Perfectly Real Compact Makeup, wondered if any of you have tried it , being as im from England and we get all the products late !!! it says " silky powder makeup that delivers buildable coverage , in 12 shades , oil-free " sounds good , ! though i have never found a natural shade in any of the clinique foundations always too pink or orange ! ! Also while im hear have any of you tried Creme De LA Mer
  13. : YOU NUTTER ! your essay cracked me up , where about in england are you from ??? im from a small village in Brum ! im a brummy chick ha ha . I shall have to have a look at the oxy stuff , im usind quiniderm ( spelling) but my face is starting to resemble the look of a lizard aaaaaaaaaaaaaggggg might just stop the regimen for a day or to ????? leather comes to mind I have used the laura mercia foundation , i used the moisurising one ! ? yes mad when i have oily skin ! ! as you can guess
  14. Hey this is the summerbay and woo woo site i have the prescriptive one on as i speak , its very nice , it will cover light redmarks ! but concealer for darker ones I just feel like im not wearing enough makeup ! too used to trowling the stuff on I tried my BE again yesterday , have you tried that one summerbay? i just dont like it , even the feel on my skin it felt all greasy and clammy and looked so crap after 2 hours . I threw away about 6 foundations the other week after reading what l
  15. I brought this SUCKER ! ! it appeared not to make the slightest difference to my skin ! i thought it might help my BE stay on better / look better , because i wasnt happy with the look of it . I t didnt do a thing , but i have to say it didnt break me out ha ha ha , i wouldnt recomend you buying this product !LiLMeiMei save your cash :lol: It really didnt make the slightest difference and was like water , not even moisturizing !