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  1. A couple of weeks ago I got a sunburn. After the sunburn went away my face peeled a little. But now it seems to still be peeling and I'm getting red patches on my cheeks. I hardly ever break out on my cheeks, but then again these really aren't zits. If there is any they are small. My face is dry and flaky after I was it, but by the end of the day its oily. I was wondering if anyone else has had this. I don't use any medicine on my cheeks, just a little aloe vera sometimes. I had been usi
  2. I've had mild to moderate (in my mind, severe) acne since I was like 14. I was pretty mild from like 18-21, but now at 25 I'm freaking breaking out more than ever. I've become very, very self concious about my acne and have become almost depressed about it. I know its stupid. I try not to think about it but every night and every morning when I wash my face and then look in the mirror........I just don't think I should be having this problem at 25. I read that only 5% of men 25 and over have
  3. I have been on differin for atleast 8 months. I was also taking minocycline. It didn't work at first, but after like 4 months it seemed to kind of be working. I wasn't really getting the big cysts and my face was more clear. My doctor switched me to doxycycline on my last visit and I don't know if its because mino and doxy are absorbed differently or what, but my face has been breaking out like crazy. Some big cysts are back and I thought differin was supposed to stop that from happening.
  4. I was looking online for something that could possibly help my acne. I came across this stuff called Vilantae. Its supposed to reduce the amount of oil produced in your face like accutane, but its natural and harmless. Has anyone ever heard of this product or tried it? I'm thinking about it....