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  1. SOOOOO Allergic!!!! Formula Changed?????

    So I used this systems years ago and it was amazing but somewhere around the time that they upgraded the packaging I reordered and had the worst allergic reaction with completely swollen eyes and a painful red itchy rash across my neck. I threw it out and recently reordered thinking that it was a bad batch. I used the cleanser and benzoyl peroxide again for weeks with no reaction. Last night I tried the moisturizer and woke up to my eyes being completely swollen shut and the same rash. I now know there is something very wrong with the moisturizer formula. This could be dangerous!! I have absolutely no allergies to anything, so I am completely shocked that I literally look like the elephant man right now!!! BE CAREFUL and do a swatch test first! I am a beauty influencer so if anyone has any questions or wants pics my IG is Fiercelychocolate