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  1. daxboy

    definitely helping

    definitely helping

    OK so I've been using this for about 2 months now and I think its working. I take the max 4 pills. Im not getting as much acne for sure. Took about a month to start seeing less acne. Will keep taking and update later
  2. Definitely helps

    So I've been using clindamicyn for about 6 months now and it definitely helps. I put it on in the morning and maybe once more in early evening. I definitely helps speed up the healing process and make pimples a lot smaller. Not sure how good it is at stopping new ones from coming up. But definitely recommend!
  3. Whiteheads all over

    I was really hopeful for this product because of the reviews but it broke me out really bad. I had whiteheads all over chin. I had never had acne that bad before. I discontinued use quickly. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin.
  4. daxboy

    My skin is sandpaper

    My skin is sandpaper

    Totally dried me out and caused some breakouts. I was also using the kavi salicylic acid peel so I'm not sure which one I got the breakout from but definitely dissapointed. The reviews on here were really good so I was hopeful
  5. Made me breakout

    This stuff made me breakout pretty bad. Does anyone know of any shave gels for acne prone skin? I tried gilette but it also breaks me out. So frustrating !
  6. Never heard of it. Just went on thier website, looks interesting. Its like a supplement right?
  7. Accutane scares me. Did you guys get any bad side effects?