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  1. My Derm. It's often called the "Prom drug" because it will literally clear up acne overnight in come cases. Acne, as I understand it, gets inflamed because your body is fighting a bacteria. Prednisone suppresses your immune system. So your body doesn't fight the bacteria, therefore you don't get raised bumps or red/inflamed skin. Acne can be a side effect of Prednisone if used long enough. Prednisone is a serious drug and is prescribed for a myriad of reasons. A lot of people with Crohns
  2. Well, I've been on Prednisone for about 9 days and most of my papule acne has gone down. It hasn't healed. The spots normally take a month or so to go away, but most of them aren't raised. Prednisone is rough on my body but it really is a miracle drug when it comes to acne. It's not a long term fix and it's fairly dangerous to take for extended periods of time, but nothing helps reduce inflammation like prednisone. I've got 3 more pills left until I run out. I'm not looking forward to what happ
  3. Didn't Really Work At All

    Easy to apply Not noticible on skin May help shorten break outs Doesn't prevent breakouts Doesn't do anything on its own I have moderate p.acne and some nodular acne. This did nothing for me. You can't use it in conjunction with BP as it will turn your skin orange. Derm's don't prescribe Aczone alone though as it apparently doesn't do anything by itself. I was prescribed it in conjunction with a anti-biotic (Solydyn I think). Anyway, the Aczone did nothing to prevent breakouts. I think it may h
  4. Worked Better Than Anything Until It Stopped Working

    Cleared acne Made skin smooth Easy to apply and not noticble stopped working after six months This was the best cream I've ever used. I used it in conjunction with 2.5% BP. I would wash my face, let it dry, spot treat with BP and then wait 5-10 minutes and put Clindamycin over my face. It kept me fairly clear for months. Then one day it stopped working. I kept using it for a month hoping it would start working again but it didn't. I guess the bacteria on my face acclimated to it. All in all it
  5. Well this is what I woke up to today. The acne on the top of my lip seems to be healing as does the one along my bottom lip. Unfortunately the one along my bottom lip is healing rather slowly. It doesn't seem to be forming a head. The one on my top lip didn't either the first time I got it. It only formed a head when I got a cortisone injection. I did go to the Derm to get it injected yesterday, so hopefully it heals up soon. Every time I go in I feel like they're wondering why the hell I'm
  6. Leanna, thanks for the kind words. I've never had acne along my lip line before taking accutane. I've always had it on my chin. Kind of like the acne in the picture above. However since taking accutane I've gotten acne on my lip line 4 times now. It's odd. In the picture it looks like it is on my lip and part of it is, but if I open my mouth real wide, you can see the core of it is just under or above the lip. All papule type acne is painful to an extent. It just gets hard and red. This i
  7. Yay, the lip acne is back! The bright white one reformed where a previous one had been. The one on the bottom of the lip was a tiny little bump yesterday and is now quite noticable. It doesn't have a head. The one that reformed didn't have a head the first time either. I had to get it injected with cortizone before it formed a white head. I hope the one on the bottom lips goes away quickly. I can't go back for a forth cortisone injection in the first three freaking weeks of using Accutane. Bot
  8. Forgot to send a picture to myself so I could post it, so you'll have to settle for a description. Unfortunately I did go back to my derm for a third round of cortisone shots. I felt bad going there. I don't know what they think of me. The acne on my face didn't look as bad as the first two times I went it, but part of the reason I went in is because I had 3-4 spots that were going to be actives. I'm not sure how acne is for everyone else, but I feel a stinging sensation before a spot becom
  9. Val, thanks for the well wishes. Any reinforcement helps. This is one of those drugs where you have no option but to take the long view. I imagine my acne will get even worse than it is right now in the next few weeks or maybe even months. But I already stepped off the ledge and decided to start taking accurante. I can't give up now. I'm 3 weeks in to a 20 week course. I just have to stick it out at this point. Loz, sorry to hear that. I hope it doesn't get that bad for you. I've ready v
  10. Sigh. I guess the IB isn't entirely over. I'm getting some new acne on my neck and a couple new ones on my chin. I never get acne on my neck and I'm surprised any more acne could fit in such a small freaking area on my chin. This is a stupid complaint, but I'm almost envious of people whose acne is spread out. I get like 10 papules all within 2 inches of each other. Not only does it look freaking awful, but it is painful. It's painful to eat, yawn or talk. Also, I've cut back drastically on
  11. I started this out as a blog, but I'm moving it to the forum.
  12. I think the IB is starting to subside. I don't have too many large papules/pustules/nodules coming up. I still have the acne on my chin that's slowly starting to heal. Some of them a papules that appear to be forming white heads which is odd for me. Normally my papules would just remains red and inflamed for a few days(week) and then begin to subside. One or two of them are still a bit painful. I'm not sure what the pain is indicative of. Does it mean it's still growing or inflamed? Normally wh
  13. I got my prescription for 60mg of Claravis and began taking it January 25th. My derm told me to take both 30mg capsules with dinner every night. Day 1-3: Nothing noticeable happened. I probably had 2-3 actives on my chin and not much else on my face. It's the clearest I had been for a while. Days 3-6: I begin drying out. My lips are extremely dry. I apply aquaphor to my lips every half hour or so. My face begins to feel itchy. I start to feel a breakout coming on my chin. (As I said
  14. First, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who posts here. It's one of the only places I can go to get answers to questions from people who have first hand experience with acne. My back story: I didn't start getting acne until I was around 26. I had clear skin in my teens and early twenties. Then sometime around the age of 26 I started to get occasional acne on my chin. I'm still not 100% certain about the terminology. It wasn't cystic, but it would be a small to medium sized red bump that