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  1. DONT be Crazy and take accutane Just by what you read in this post!!! You're missing out on So much more! http://www.rocheusa.com/products/accutane/pi.pdf READ THIS - yes I know its Long - but READ it and skim thru the Technical stuff I took acctuane - my life changed - I was on for 3 months before they pulled me off for I would NEVER go on acctane knowing this before - and I had 75% of those side effects , excluding the ones woman get. Just dont go in BLIND Folded and take this shit
  2. yea... I have his book - i'll give it to you for free since that leo mo fo was sopposed to give me my life time access to his forums, and it stoped working after a year. he has a lot of good points in the book, some might be true but it didnt' help me at all.
  3. wow, some of you folk's replys are quite out there... If you dont have anyhting nice to say, shut up. Anyway, if putting urine on one's face is so bad - why do the cocksucking girls have no zits?
  4. Becuase I recently began eating the Vector cereal , and it is apparently loaded with vitamins and minerals, And zits came back. And I also tried the BranFlakes or whatever they call it, I Look at the past and I noticed the Only thing that I Did not change from tying millions of different diets is the milk. Chill Out People, geeze you gives some advice and you get jumped. and who ever said Dont believe in what you read on the internet - You think I'm someone NEW to this ? i've been on e
  5. DUDE U MAKE NO SENCE WHAT SO EVER ,,,,THATS EXACTLY WHAT IS STATED ON MY THREAD,,READ AGINE...AND YES DIET IS RELATED,,,DIET MEANS NUTRISION,,NOT DIET AS IN WHAT FAT PPL DO...GET IT RIGHT :rolleyes: People - Disregard Skorpio there... sounds like he works for a drug company :evil: The Way of Life - here in North America is based on Buisness. You Eat McDonalds, Burger King, then you have health issues... But then you cut it out and you eat Low Fat Foods - but you STILL have health
  6. DRINK MILK and HATE LIFE http://www.notmilk.com/gotzits.html http://www.milksucks.com/zits.asp I noticed a friend who is a vegetarian is completely zit free and has beautiful smooth skin. She never eats fat, and she never drinks milk. I noticed when I eat cereal w/ special K to loose weight I get acne all over. SO i searched on the internet what the relation with milk and zits is - and well, I learned a lot. I also went vegetarian since I read those two sites. and STOP USING CHE
  7. Is he not saying ' Having sex will eliminate acne ' ????