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  1. isn't assuming something of a person because they have some acne essentially shallow? i don't think having acne improves people's personalities but only worsens them; if a person is sympathetic with acne they were likely sympathetic without it, but if a person was confident and lively without acne they become more introverted and gloomy with it.
  2. Can you explain to me what this means??? Im not saying its wrong I just dont understand it when people say this. I would like to date a girl with acne so she knows how I feel and I know how she feels. My ex had crystal clear skin so she could never understand what I was going through. when i'm interacting with people i generally forget about my acne, but seeing it on someone else's face in a social situation reminds me and makes me self-conscious of my appearance, so i prefer not to encount
  3. by the way, i don't really think it's hypocritical, unless you expect others to look past your acne and call them shallow if they do not.
  4. i find it hard to be attracted to people with acne because seeing theirs reminds me of my own.
  5. summary: do not use quantum mechanics, or any form of science, to propagate pseudoscientific nonsense. the universe is not at the whim of your will or imagination, and it could not care less about you or what you think of it. edit: although it isn't mathematically impossible that you will be able to fly tomorrow, if you gamble on it you'll deserve what you'll get dealt.
  6. if death is a condition and not the end, and if we don't know if it is real, and it is the becoming and not the end, why do you try to dissuade people from meeting it? you refer to quantum physics to support your pseudoscientific arguments, and then procede to bash on science. are you by any chance a scientologist?
  7. self-consciousness and a body are nature's most cruel experiment.
  8. Balnoy


    i looked through a store today, and all bread was made from wheat flour. pumpernickel and oat and rye all listed wheat flour as the primary ingredient. so is there some other difference between those and wheat bread that makes those breads ok for people who want to try going wheatless?
  9. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice person. i seem to have pissed off a lot of people, but they all just enjoy being mean, if only everybody could be nice like me. i'm a nice person. i'm a nice perso
  10. i always wondered what being nice meant, but now i know. it's not saying anything when someone's gallery is made up almost entirely of photos of either tongue exposure, kissing something, eating something, or drinking something with a straw. nice lips, btw.
  11. well, at least he can be reassured that he is only "nightmare" material and not ugly.
  12. why does it seem like this thread is blending the distinction between "i would date a girl with acne" and "i don't care about acne at all". the two are far from being equivalent.
  13. umm, if this is the case i think it would be safe to assume that these aren't the best years of your life.
  14. it is my opinion that the majority of men have testicles, although i've never surveyed this and don't ever plan to. I think you should -definately- survey this. Just for shits and giggles. you do understand that by prohibiting generalization you render the purpose of this thread meaningless?