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  1. Anyone on here that on accutane use it? I think i used it when I was on it a while ago but it does not seem to pop up on here any more?
  2. well went to the derm and got a presription for acutane.. I was on it about 3 years ago and it worked pretty well.. but my skin has been really oily.. not too many zits but oily.. so i'm gogin on a 40mg a day routine.. I am 150lbs.. is that a lot or a little? Oh yea... if my face didn't really have any zits was jsut oily.. then I shouldnt really have an issue with red spots right?
  3. Does this work for most of you? I was using it but it realyl did not seem to help much, I think the scrubbers might have aggravated my skin more? I switched to a C&C triclosan wash
  4. so I'm guessing the .11 worked better then the .04?
  5. I'm on the .04 right now is the .1 much strogn the .04 I guess works but not as well as I would liek it to.. has anyone used both?
  6. hands down acutane does a better job then anything. It also messes you up the most in the process. I was on it.. and stayed clear for about 2 years or so. I am getin a few zits now.. but I have oily skin again I kinda want to go on a low dose accutane trial i think it would cut my oil down a lot.
  7. The combo of retin a-micro at night and a BP C&C wash at night and regular face wash in the morning and astringent in the morning and maybe midday should be ok as long as I don't notice my skin being too dry right? Retin-micro seems to work but my skin is still really oily. Was considering using an astringent also.
  8. has retin A micro made everyone oilier? I am on like my 3rd or 4th week adn it seems my skin got oilier?... has it helped with oil for anyone?
  9. so it did make ur skin oilier for a bit? I'm on my 3rd week or so and my oil seemed to die down and then come back now in certain areas? so thats normal eh?
  10. when did you breakout happen on retin a micro.. i'm on my 3rd week maybe 4th week? and i think I'm starting to have it.. that sound right?
  11. Are most of you on the .04 or the .1? my derm gave me .04... seemed to be ok for a week or so then some small zits popped up, I'm hoping it's just the initial breakout?
  12. an I use the C&C BP wash with retin A micro.. the retin a site says in some cases retin A and BP can neutralize each other?
  13. can I use the C&C BP wash with retin A micro.. the retin a site says in some cases they neutralize each other?
  14. anyone use them do they work? I am about to probably get off of tazorac, and was gonna use C&C blackhead scrub along with plexion and a C&C deep clean astringent, think it'll work?
  15. Is it best to shave before or after a shower? I usually shave before shave during my shower with an electric waterproof lotion shaver but I noticed most of my zits come around where I shave. Should i start shaving before or after instead? or use a traditional shaver?
  16. Which irritates the skin less? a traditional razor or an electric one? I was thinkgin about it and I think most of my zits are wheres I shave I use an enlectric shower razor that dispenses lotion? Should I just use it out of the shower? or switch to a traditional razor?
  17. It seems to get a lot of thumbs up, does it only work for blackheads? or does it work for everything?
  18. Is it just me or does it leave behind a sticky film that your skin does not absorb. I was gonna try it to replace clindamycin which I think stopped working but, it leave behind a sticky film and never seems to absorb into my skin anyone else seeing this? I think for now I'll stick to the clindamycin since I can put lotion on after. I'm also on tazorac and plexion if that makes a difference
  19. I took accutane about 2 yerars ago, and while the acne hasn;t really come back much, I do have oily skin again. what a good way to combat oily skin I've been using face wash, clindomycin and plexion. I have a lot of accutane pills left and was considering popping maybe 25 mg every day or every other day. Think it might work?