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  1. Jules70

    day 16

    I'm getting there. The link to my gallery is in my sig.
  2. Jules70

    day 16

    I'm into month 5 right now. My derm said I may do 6 months. We'll decide at my next appointment. She dropped my dose from 80 mgs a day to 60 mgs and my results have slowed a bit so I'd like to do the full 6 months.
  3. Jules70

    day 16

    Hang in there. You adjust to the side effects. You'll figure out how to work around them. I know I did. It takes time but things will get easier & better.
  4. Hey Chipmunk Welcome to the tane board. Sounds like it kicking in already. Good luck to ya. Jules!
  5. Accutane should clear you right up. Good luck with it.
  6. Thanks you guys . When you're looking at it yourself you don't notice the changes so much! I just started my 5th month.
  7. Day 125!! Not much to report in the acne department! My face has cleared up almost completely. Still have some blocked pores that just don't want to clear. Mostly on and along side my nose. My back continues to slowly clear. Still have nasties being purged out. My lips and the inside of my nose are really dry! (vaseline is my best friend ) I'm so tired, I feel like most of my energy is zapped! And my lower back is killin' me! I can never seem to get comfy. Should be hearing from the de
  8. No piercings or tatoos while on tane. The time it takes your body to heal is significantly increased. I also have small cuts that are taking a long time to heal.
  9. I got them too. Had some major hot flashes too. (usually at work, drove the guys crazy )
  10. Hello!! Went thru the same thing. Drove me nutty I ended up switching to head and shoulders shampoo. It helped. My hair used to be really oily as well. Once the tane starts drying you out you'll notice your hair will too. I still use head & shoulders and use a really good conditioner. The itchy phase will pass......... I know, easier said than done. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
  11. IMO; less is better. Once I hit the dry phase all I started using was cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and oil of olay sensitive skin spf 15, chapstick & lots of water. I found it was all I needed.
  12. I use oil of olay complete sensitive skin spf 15 daily and coppertone sport spf 30 when I'm in the pool or at the beach.
  13. Even though you've been off tane for a month you liver still needs some time to recoup from the past 6 months. Is it that important for you to drink? I admit to having the occassional drink but I'm not getting wrecked or binging. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Hey jayc30! I'm in a similiar situation. 36/f here, been battling with acne since around the 6th grade I think. However old that makes you. Over the years my face had kinda cleared but my back was a mess. I also had very oily skin all over. I researched accutane (the internet has lots of info and I found this site) and I went to the derm. Go into it knowing what to expect and be aware of the side effects and you should be fine. I'm into month 5 of accutane now. Good luck.
  15. I had mild headaches right from the start for about the first week. I went from oily, to itchy then dry. Took me almost a month to get to that point.
  16. Hey CJ! Stopping by to see how things are. How's the studing going?? Exams are this week aren't they??
  17. Good luck on your tane journey. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  18. Just added updated pics to my gallery.......................
  19. From the album: Jules70's Album

    Just a little comparision............. I can see the difference now. When your looking every day you don't see it.
  20. From the album: Jules70's Album

    Same shot / same view.
  21. From the album: Jules70's Album

    Getting there......... I was looking at the pics I took today and was like, wow, my back still looks like crap. Then I opened my day 2 pic. Big difference. Makes me feel much better about things. For those of you are not sure if you want to take pics. Do it. You don't have to make the album public. Keep it for yourself. You'll be happy you did.
  22. Thanks for the boost Ang and P&W. It was just a bit of a let down to have a break in my course. You both obviously understand, having been there yourselves. Appreciate it! Jules
  23. Day 123 Thanks for stopping by Paul & Ang. /edit/ you too browneyz, snuck your post in on me. I had some bad news in regards to my script for tane. My derm and her assistant were on vacation this past week when my lab results came in. Whoever entered them from the doctors office messed something up. The pharmacy wouldn't fill my script, so now I'm over my 7 days. My derm will be back on Tuesday. I can't believe I made it to my last month and it gets screwed up. Unreal!!! Sor
  24. Hey Lvig!! How are you?? I been so bad about keeping up with posts. College orientation?...... New and exciting things ahead Glad to hear things are going well.